Fourth of July Ideas

I have been meaning to share some of my favorite Pins for the Fourth of July (do you follow me? If not, you should!) and for some reason haven’t gotten around to it! Well, today is the day! With the Fourth of July being Thursday, now is the perfect time to decide what kind of dessert you might want to make and enjoy as the fireworks are going off.


Source via Heather on Pinterest

Is your house festive for the Fourth yet? There are 12 printables from this website alone! I printed out multiple already. They are just so fun and creative.


Source via Heather on Pinterest

Love this dessert! I actually just clicked on it through Pinterest to find the link, and found so many more recipes! Definitely check this one out.


Source via Heather on Pinterest

This one actually turns the cake red, too! I love the flag on it, and might be making it myself!


Source  via Heather on Pinterest

How easy is this one? I bought blueberries yesterday at the store just for this dessert. I actually don’t like whipped cream, but it is too cute to pass up!


Source via Heather on Pinterest

This is a free printable for the Fourth. It is a banner for your mantle!


Source via Heather on Pinterest

Yes, just yes. Love cookies.

And in case you need some more…


Source via Heather on Pinterest



What are your plans for the Fourth?

Would you decorate your house with any of these things or bake any of these desserts?

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