Steeler Home Opener: MIMM

I had such a great weekend; it was plenty packed, but with all fun things, how can you complain?! I can’t, so that makes today a marvelous day!

MiMM logo In case you missed the posts over the weekend:

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Food and Fitness for the week


Rascal Collage

Immediately after work on Friday I headed to the Rascal Flatts concert! It was amazing. Rascal Flatts is one of my favorite bands; I could listen to them all the time. In fact, I ran to a playlist of theirs on Saturday because I was so pumped up about them! We tailgated for a bit with taco dip, cake batter dip (made with Greek Yogurt and cool whip.. not actual eggs and oil! haha), and of course, hot dogs! Cassedee Pope (middle row on the left of the collage) opened for them. She won The Voice Season 3, and was amazing. I voted for her every week, so it was fun seeing her! The Band Perry also opened, and they were so fun. I am not sure how she 1) doesn’t fall in her heels, and 2) doesn’t get tired. That girl was nonstop moving and running places! Rascal definitely stole the show. They don’t really have any new music, so they played a lot of great ones from over the years!


I went for a run in the morning, and spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon making Beer Cheese and Homemade Soft Pretzels. Would you guys be interested in the recipes?! Let me know! Of course, it wasn’t just for me to pig out on (though it was all delicious!).


After hanging out with Benny and making him tired, Aaron and I headed out to my Aunt’s house for a picnic! Even though I just saw them last weekend, there was always more to talk about, and we had fun! We ended the night playing LCR. If you have never heard of it, you have 4 quarters (or dollars if you are getting fancy!) and roll the die. If you roll an L, you give a quarter to the person on your left, an R, you give it to the person on your Right, and a C means your quarter goes in the middle. It’s a fun game, but I never win! Haha

Patty's Cookout


Being big Steeler fans in Pittsburgh is a complete given. When Aaron got us tickets for the home opened, I was more than ecstatic. We were able to catch the T (a trolley on train tracks) right by our house.. literally walked to it… which took us to the stadium. Even though they lost (let’s not talk about it…) Aaron and I enjoyed the day! We had beautiful weather. Nice and cool with the wind when the clouds were out, and warm when the sun was out. It was nice to get out and enjoy ourselves! Best part was I brought some soft pretzel bites, beer cheese, and skittles, along with 3 water bottles, so we didn’t spend any money! Can’t beat that Winking smile


Steeler Game collage

I spent the night making my workout schedule, making a quick trip to the grocery store, and parking it on the couch with Aaron and Benson. Perfect end to the weekend!



What made your weekend marvelous?

Who do you root for in football?

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Last Christmas Eve we had a bunch of people over and played CLR after dinner. It was a fun thing to do with a group. Sorry your Steelers lost 🙁 My grandparents live in PA and are big steelers fans too.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…MIMM pretending its fallMy Profile

  2. What a fun weekend! My husband is more of the football fan in our house, but I don’t mind watching it with him. He’s a Giants fan, so naturally I am too! 😉
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Target Practice – HealingMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Boo.. Steelers baby! Hahah I definitely understand, though! Before Aaron, I didn’t really care for football. 9 years later, I love it! But, I still can’t watch like hours and hours of it. One game and I’m done! He watches it all day Sunday and Monday nights!

  3. It might be the Canadian in me (we’re hockey people up here), but I just can’t get in to football. I do love the excitement (and food) that comes with sporting events though, and I love that you had such a good weekend 🙂 Also… Benson <3 <3 😀
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. a side effect of blogging .My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I’m a huge hockey lover! Penguins all the way 😉 The only problem with hockey is that there are SO many games during the week. I do well with football being once a week. The hockey thing starts to take over my life- more because Aaron wants to watch all of it haha I typically don’t, but still love it! Love me a good fight 🙂 (not that something serious happens, but just a good one!)

  4. That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to a football game. More specifically, I’ve always wanted to go to a Patriots Football game 🙂 Benson, he is adorable as usual. I understand why you can’t get enough of him 🙂
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…The Benefits of EucalyptusMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      At least you guys don’t look at me like I’m crazy for loving him so much 😉 Haha I’m sure a Patriots game would be nuts!! Maybe you’ll get to go sometime 🙂

  5. Running a good 10 miler and a new Sweaty Bands headband made my weekend Marvelous!
    I’m not big on football so I don’t root for anyone really. I’ll root for Auburn though
    Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake recently posted…Sweaty Bands Review AND Giveaway!!!My Profile

  6. Oh that steeler game…joe, my brother, and i were sitting there in disbelief. We knew they wouldn’t be phenomenal, but that was ridiculous. I’m glad you guys had so much fun at Rascal Flatts 🙂 They’ve always been one of my fav bands to see perform live! Such a good group of performers 🙂
    Caitlin recently posted…Game TimeMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Honestly, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was secretly hoping the score was 2-0 for the pure fact that we wouldn’t have even scored to win! Ha Not even for the winning part, just because it would be embarrassing lol

  7. Awwww such a great weekend you had!! I bet the concert was great, I have not been to a concert in forever!

    The weather was great yesterday, glad you had fun at the game! Too bad they lost though!

    Love ya girl!
    Katie recently posted…MIMM #66 Tradition, New Candle Love, and More!My Profile

  8. It was perfect out for the home opener! Bummer they lost, but it’s impossible to not enjoy the day when you have nice weather in Pittsburgh and stadium food 🙂

  9. Wow you had an awesome weekend!! I am super jealous of that concert – I love Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry!! And while I am a die hard Packers fan – any NFL game is fun to go to!!

  10. I’m jealous of your weekend! It looked like a blast! By the way, are you planning on sharing the beer cheese and pretzel recipe? I’d love to try it out! Your instagram picture of the pretzel bites had me drooling!

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Yes! I definitely will! Hopefully next week 🙂 Or maybe this weekend in time for Football! Haha

  11. well you kind of had an amazing weekend!!! I am intrigued, what the heck is beer cheese??
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted…MIMM: But I Must ConfessMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Haha it’s soo good! It’s so hard to explain. Have you ever gone to a German restaurant? We have Hofbrahaus, which sells it and it’s delicious. It’s really just cheese, with garlic, and beer in it! It’s worth a try, and with pretzel bites, it’s delicious.

  12. So cool that you went to the Rascal Flatts concert! I saw them when they were in my area a few weeks ago–they were awesome! And I loved Cassadee Pope too!