Meals and Fitness 9/29/13

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I have been really good about following my meal plans! However, I realized last week that we didn’t eat too many veggies with dinner. I always seemed to realize it after we started eating. This week will be better!

Monday: So, I have Jury Duty… Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it, but dinner will be CrockPot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta, with garlic bread and broccoli!

Tuesday: Tacos with corn on the side

Wednesday: Grilled chicken, broccoli, and brown rice. I may marinate it in Teriyaki sauce!

Thursday: Crockpot Mexican Chicken with green beans

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: It’s my dad’s birthday! Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole with Matt and my dad

Sunday: Dinner at my parent’s to celebrate my dad’s birthday since my mom only comes home today


There you have it! Lots of yummy food, but may be rearranged depending on this awful Jury duty.

Fitness for the Week:

Monday: No run (legs were tired), just a circuit at home. Basically it was like 800 jumping jacks, ha. More like jumping jacks then one or two strength moves, and/or core. Threw it together while I did it, and repeated it twice. In the afternoon, I did this workout.

Tuesday: Yoga stretching in the morning, and a 5 mile run in the afternoon. It felt great, and followed with a few core moves, but not too many since I worked them Monday.

running 9-25-13

Wednesday: Woke up to foot pain, so I just did some upper body work. In the afternoon I went shopping with my mom, which is always a workout Winking smile

Thursday: 5 x 3 min 5k pace, 2 min recovery jog. and 10-20-30-40-50 abs

photo 2

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Supposed to be a 7 mile run. For some reason, Map My Run hasn’t been working this week. It’s really annoying me. After passing a point where it should’ve told me it was 1 mile, I checked and it had only registered .12 miles. I restarted it and it didn’t help.

photo 3

Really Map my Run?

Aaron met me for my run when I was about 2 miles in, and he wanted to get 3 in. I started off with him, and then took off, and then ran with him again, and then took off. He has 2 races coming up so he is trying to do some running, and I couldn’t be happier! I wish I would run with him, but I was in the groove for my run and just wanted to get it done.

When I came home, I mapped the course I ran. It was really weird because I had turned around to meet Aaron but didn’t get back to my car because he started a bit, so I had no idea what I ran; I just kept running, but we know how great my math is while running! Turns out, I ran almost 8 miles instead of 7. I felt pretty darn great about that!

Sunday: Supposed to be a rest day, but I might do the workout I planned for tomorrow. I honestly have no idea when I am going to get any workout in; I need to be on the road by 6:30 for Jury Duty, and have it until 5! Ughhh So, we’ll see how I feel.

So this week’s workouts just weren’t the best. Besides the running which was all good, the other things suffered. I guess as my mileage gets harder, my body needs more rest. I’ve also been dealing with some chest pain (more like in my ribs) this week, which has kept me down a bit. But you know what, these weeks happen, and this week will be better! Smile

How was your week of workouts?

Have you ever had Federal Jury Duty?

 photo 257fe27f-f473-44c9-95ef-2343388e011d_zps56c39fcb.jpg


  1. Here’s my workout and meal plan for the week! Looks like you did a great job despite jury duty!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…Workout Recap 9/22-9/28 and Meal Plan 9/29-10/5My Profile

  2. All your meals for the week sounds sooo perfect!
    Ja @Ja on the RUN recently posted…Coast-to-Coast Trip Part 4: Jackson Hole, WYMy Profile

  3. Looks like a great week of eats!
    I had a strong start to the week with running but then took tapering real serious with nonstop rest the past 3 days. Looking forward to tomorrow’s run and my meal plan too!
    Luv What You Do recently posted…So Many Pumpkin Recipes…My Profile


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