Christmas Lights and Thumbprint {Recipe}

1. Tuesday night I was just not feeling the whole stay inside thing. I had a great day, managed to get a lot done, but I just needed out. Have you ever had those days? Aaron was game for anything, so we decided to go look at Christmas lights. We also decided that we should bring Benny along Winking smile  He never minded the car before, so we thought we’d try going around the block and see how he did. He loved it. I packed him into my coat and ran (okay, hobbled) to the car, and he just hung out on my lap the entire time.

Benny collage

We were gone for about 40 minutes, too! I wish I could say the Christmas Lights stole the show, but this cutie pie definitely made it better. We went to so many new neighborhoods, but the lights were less than stellar. Oh well, it was a fun time for us!

flamingo lights

This house was my favorite- Crocodile and flamingo lights? They also had crabs in their yard, so funny.

2. I am subbing at a high school today. Some might find it boring, but listen to how easy the kids have it today (it’s the last day before break).

They can build Gingerbread houses with the Home Economics Teacher

They can watch “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” and “Elf” in the audotorium

There is a Pickleball tournament in one gym

There are basketball games in the other gym

There is a DJ, hot chocolate, and coloring contest

There is a Chess tournament and games in the Media Center

See how great my day is going to be? I have never heard of this (and it’s my old high school) and am actually astounded it’s happening. There are zero classes for the kids today. I mean, even in elementary school the day goes on besides a party for an hour at the end of the day! Oh, and there’s an early dismissal. I’m pretty darn excited about this day! Haha

3. I cannot believe Christmas is only 5 days away! I am so excited, and ready for the festivities. We are actually going to have my family over for breakfast on Christmas, which I’m excited about! We are also having my cousins over on Monday night (some of them) to hang out and spend the night. I’m trying to decided a few dips to make for them and a breakfast! Any ideas?

4. I woke up yesterday to a clean house! Our house wasn’t dirty, per say, but there was just stuff that needed put away. Blankets were still all over, extra pillows to keep my foot up, random mail laying around. It was on my mind that it all needed put away, but I just couldn’t do it with my foot. I was shocked when I woke up and everything was put away! It pretty much made my entire day!

5. Today’s cookie includes an ingredient I don’t enjoy, but everyone else loves- nuts. They are sweet, but not too sweet. They are small for a bite size treat. They are beautiful and fit right in to the holiday spirit.

thumbprint cookies on trays

Look at those beauties Winking smile Covered in nuts. Stuffed with jam. They draw people to them, I’m telling you.


Thumbprint Cookies

Serves 36
Prep time 15 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Total time 25 minutes
Meal type Dessert
Misc Freezable, Pre-preparable
Occasion Christmas


  • 1/2 cup Butter or margerine (softened)
  • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar (packed)
  • 1 Egg (Separate the yolk and egg white)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1 cup Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 3/4 cups Nuts (Finely chopped of your choice)
  • 1 jar Raspberry Jelly


Step 1
Mix the butter, sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla together.
Step 2
Stir the flour and salt into the mix. Roll the dough into one inch balls.
Step 3
Slightly beaten the egg white. Dip the balls into the egg white, and then roll into the nuts. Place on cookie sheet, and gently press your thumb into the middle of the cookie.
Step 4
Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes. Let them cool, and add the jelly to the middle (the thumb imprint) of each cookie! You may also add in fruit instead, or plain frosting. The jelly made these more holiday-like.
thumbprint cookies

And with that, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Get all that last minute shopping done you crazy people Smile Though I am looking forward to walking around the mall sometime soon with Aaron. No shopping, just walking around!

Anyone have an easy breakfast recipe??

 photo 257fe27f-f473-44c9-95ef-2343388e011d_zps56c39fcb.jpg


  1. So glad you got to enjoy the lights! Hope you have a very happy holidays with your family. xoxo
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted…Up, Up and AwayMy Profile

  2. I’m loving this whole cookie series, and seriously impressed you had the time to make all these!
    Elise @ recently posted…Feature Friday: Running with SpoonsMy Profile

  3. I love looking at Christmas lights! I think Ryan and I are doing that Sunday night. It is so fun that you have family coming over to y’all’s house for Christmas! Here is an awesome breakfast recipe that I made in August when my in-laws came and stayed at our house. It was a huge hit, and I think it’s perfect for Christmas. The only ingredient from the recipe that I didn’t use was the nutmeg. Baked French toast from the Pioneer woman!
    Becky recently posted…Christmas Shopping on a BudgetMy Profile

  4. These cookies sound good! My dog loves riding in the car, but it seems funny that Benny the cat would like it. I’m glad you were able to get outside for a little while to see some lights.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…spicy date nightMy Profile

  5. That’s so awesome that Benny doesn’t mind the car! My cats always hated it!

    You are the cookie queen! Another delicious looking recipe!! Raspberry jam is my favorite, by the way!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…A Holiday BreakMy Profile

  6. I’m still super jealous you took your cat to go see Christmas lights!! I would love to bring my cat, but it wouldn’t end well hahaha Um, can I go to that school instead of college?? Those flamingos and crocodile are just awesome! Now they need to find a Hippopotamus one.
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Holiday RandomnessMy Profile

  7. Mm now i’m not normally a jelly in a cookie fan, but yours look and sound awesome 🙂 I really wanted to take some time one of these weekends and go Christmas light hunting, too, but I’m not sure if that will happen. Big kid and I hunted for them on our way home from the hospital last Friday but didn’t see a ton and were very disappointed 🙁 Have a blast with all your family festivities hun!! Sounds like it’s going to be a great holiday!!
    Caitlin recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #2My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I don’t know why there aren’t more lights up this year! Could it have something to do with less time between Thanksgiving and christmas? I don’t know, but people need to step up their game next year!

  8. Coolest high school ever! My high school always slammed us with exams and projects due the day before Christmas. In middle school I used to skip with my best friend and our dads would take us skiing for the day (the only time I’ve ever been rebellious in my life haha) I think this is the only cookie recipe of yours that I probably wouldn’t enjoy but that’s just because I don’t like jelly or nuts. I’ll forgive you and stuff my face with the cookies my mom is making to make up for it 😉
    Easy breakfast recipe: take bagel out of bag. Put in toaster. Take out of toaster. Butter bagel. Bon appetit 😉
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…“You’re not drinking?”My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Definitely wish they did this when I went there! I don’t blame you with the nuts, haha I don’t like that, or raspberry jelly. Clearly I knew you wouldn’t either the moment I wrote I didn’t really care for this recipe, haha. Other people love it though! Love your breakfast idea.. burst out laughing on that one (and can you believe I honestly didn’t think of that?? )

  9. So cute that you brought kitty along!

    Wow, that sounds like an awesome day to substitute!!!

    What are you making for Christmas breakfast??? I need ideas :).

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I’m making cinnamon rolls and my mom is bringing a ham and sausage breakfast casserole, I think!

  10. I can’t believe you were able to take your cat with you to look at lights (my cat’s name is Benny too). 🙂 And, where was this high school when I was younger?!? How fun for you!

    I always recommend a breakfast casserole prepared the day before… Christmas morning just heat the oven, put her in, and voila! a yummy breakfast for all to enjoy.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Surviving Post-Marathon Depression and This Thing Called TimeMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Oh believe me, I didn’t think it would work, either! my cat at my parent’s house would never ever do it. Taking her to the vet was like the worst experience ever haha I’m definitely debating a breakfast casserole. I know we’re having one on Christmas morning, though, so I don’t know if that’s too much haha

  11. I’ve never heard of Thumprints with nuts! Sounds a little like PB&J in cookie form – YUM!
    Lauren @Will Run for Boston recently posted…Finn and Laci’s Christmas Stockings 2013My Profile

  12. I really cookies embedded with jam . In fact I am just crazy about jam dishes. Will you please share some more jam recipe …I will add these and them to my to do list …..:).
    Thanks a lot for these.