Organization Challenge Final Recap

How’s everyone doing? Did you participate with me in the spring cleaning? I wish it brought along some spring weather with it, but unfortunately, I guess we have a few more months to wait it out!

organization challenge

February 23: Clean windows inside and out. I’m really hoping it’s warm enough to go outside and clean them! All of our windows need washed, though.

Score! I managed to get out there last Saturday when it was warm and get the windows cleaned inside and outside. I did not take out the screens, but only because it was still a little chilly. I do plan on taking them out, cleaning those, and cleaning the windows once spring comes!


In case you didn’t know, using newspaper to clean windows works the best! No streaks!

February 24: Clean out purse. Receipts are always in there, miscellaneous papers, grocery lists, etc.

Finished! I actually cleaned it out not too long ago so it wasn’t too bad, but still needed gone through.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who keeps snacks, headbands, and ShotBloks in their purse?!

February 25: Sweep and vacuum the entire house. This gets done more than once a month, but still, it’s nice to have a day devoted to it!

This is like a daily thing in our house. With Benson now starting to have fur to shed, we have things everywhere!


February 26: Go over items done and see what needs touched up on.

There wasn’t too much that needed redone, but I did touch up my desk, cleaned sinks, and just basically did a house cleaning which is needed about once a week regardless.

February 27: Twenty minutes of me time. Maybe read a magazine, do a new workout, drink tea and relax, take a nap. Who knows!

This happened on Wednesday, actually. Aaron went out somewhere so I took some time and went shopping! I am in need of some new work tops, and thought maybe I’d find them on clearance. I went to Kohls and Burlington, but didn’t come out with much. It was nice, though, to just have time to myself and see what’s out there! I did find 2 Essie nail polishes for half the cost! Score!

nail polish

February 28: Dust, surface clean, disinfect the house. All of it. That task may take longer than 5 minutes, but it always needs done.

It didn’t take too long, but it got done, which was the main goal. Like I mentioned with Benny, it seems things are always “furrier” than usual now, and with hardwood floors, you can most definitely tell!


All in all, I really enjoyed this challenge. Some days I didn’t quite get to the chore, so I doubled up another day. I have since gotten used to taking things and putting them where they go. If they don’t have a home, they get tossed. I have really been getting into the organizing mindset, and love when I find any new ways to organize. It also got me up and moving during the long winter nights when snow or cold temps hit us everyday. I’m not making a daily schedule for March, but I am going to think of small things that can be done to make an impact. These chores really only took a few minutes out of my day, and that’s something I can deal with! It’s much needed for peace of mind, too!


Let me know if you participated and recapped yours so I can check it out! Have a great Saturday everyone!

What have you been doing this winter to keep yourself from going nuts stuck inside?

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  1. So glad it worked out for you Heather! I wish I would have done it with you! Looks like you made a lot of improvement! Bet your mind feels clearer too! Well done!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Training Update 2/23-3/1My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      It totally does! And now I won’t feel guilty when it’s spring and I’m enjoying the weather and not cleaning

  2. I totally have all the stuff in my purse as well. 🙂 Great job on the challenge!
    Elizabeth {Positively Healthy} recently posted…National Eating Disorder WeekMy Profile

  3. I love the idea of this challenge – I’m all about organization, but it’s tough to keep up with a whole house to keep organized and clean. I just made a list for myself yesterday of all the things I need to clean in the house and I’m working through it!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…Early Wake-UpsMy Profile

  4. I have made my way around to catch up on your blog and I am so glad I did!!!! I hope you are doing well! It has been so long!
    Christina @ TheTinyRunner recently posted…Friends and Buttons by ElizabethMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Aw thank you! Yes I miss reading about your life! It sounds like you’re doing well! When will Brian be home?

  5. I definitely WILL be participating in Spring Cleaning for our house, but that won’t happen for a couple months yet (womp womp). I like to wait until it’s warm enough to have the windows open so the whole place can “air out” as much as possible 🙂
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted…thanks for your help!My Profile

  6. Wow, nice job, Heather! I love that you cleaned the windows. I really need to do that in my house because my wood floors were redone, but things were not cleaned after that. I cleaned the inside of one window and it was like BLACK on the paper towel… No good!

    What I’ve been doing this winter to keep myself from going nuts is… running. A lot. It either gets me outside anyway, or gets me in the gym to keep me moving. Not always fun or convenient, but it’s been my sanity during this terrible winter.
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted…Training Updates: An Outdoor Run & Lacking Long RunsMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Oh gosh I can only imagine after having the floors redone! Our house was a disaster when we moved in too. I couldn’t wait to just clean! Lol you have been a rockstar getting your miles in! I wish I could ever do what you’re doing! New house, promotion, AND training for a marathon?! Goodness it makes me tired thinking about it! Lol