I’m teaching Yoga.. what?!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to fill you in on my life.


1. This week has been quite different from what I’m used to. I’ve become so accustomed to being go-go-go that I wasn’t really ready to stop! It’s been crazy just going with the flow throughout the day and checking things off the to- do list. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t feel normal yet.

2. Aaron has off today as part of his every other Friday system at work, but he took off yesterday, too. It’s a four day weekend for us! Unfortunately, he has spent 12 hours working on the deck yesterday, and another full day today. Even laying decking boards takes longer than we thought! Hopefully by Monday we have the deck all finished! We cannot wait!

3. Who has become a fan of soccer for the sole purpose of the World Cup? It seems that is the topic of conversation everywhere we go, and everyone plans things for it, yet no one cared about soccer two weeks ago? Aaron is one of those bandwagon fans, and it’s crazy how intense he’s been getting into the games! Now if only the US could step it up so we don’t get eliminated!

4. I hit up the park last night with some of my college friends for a 4 mile walk followed by Rita’s Italian Ice. Honestly, that’s my perfect night right there. What I loved more was that as we caught up on each other’s lives, we were taking out time enjoying the beautiful night by staying active. My favorite thing!


5. I am teaching a yoga class tonight. Um, what?! I don’t even like yoga! The gym was desperate and needed someone, so I agreed, ha. It’s basically going to be a ton of core work, and anything on the floor. I mean, I have done yoga,  but not an hours worth! Yikes! This shall be interesting!

Tips on teaching yoga for me?!

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Good luck teaching yoga! I wouldn’t even know where to start except to probably google yoga class plans haha.

    I’m a bandwagon soccer fan, but only when the US is playing. Otherwise I just root for the hottest team.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Lunch at Grandma’s and a lower body workoutMy Profile

  2. Link everything to breathe, and make sure that they seal their lips to create and cultivate inner body heat! Good luck!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Five times the Friday Favorites and #FlatsFriday 3!My Profile

  3. Hehe I am sure you will make a wonderful instructor, you may even be inspired enough to do it more 🙂 I have noticed the craziness of soccer over here, makes me wish being at home as it is 10x worse (think Super Bowl over here), but actually probably not because England are already out…oops haha

    Have a wonderful weekend, and good luck!
    Tina Muir recently posted…8000 Miles and a California AdventureMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I am actually more inclined to go to a yoga class now that I did a (fake but still kind of real) class!

  4. I’m really bad about distracting my husband when he takes days off. He’s trying to work on a house project, while I just want to go explore and have fun. Good for you for not interrupting 🙂 Hopefully the rest of his work goes smoothly, and you can break that deck in soon!
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…Fit Friday: Another {Exercise} Bites the Dust…My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Haha I only didn’t interrupt because I was stuck helping! lol If I wasn’t, I definitely would have been bugging him to do something else 🙂

  5. Yoga! Fun!! Don’t you have to be trained to teach it though, haha? I recommend lots of sevasana (sp?) – make them work hard and then let them relax at the end. It’s a sure-fire way to get them to love the class 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…Friday FavsMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Lol Yeah, I called it stretching and core when I subbed it. I won’t be teaching it ever, and definitely didn’t do any advance moves by any stretch of the imagination! They were desperate for an instructor, and I was available. I definitely wasn’t trying to fool anyone, and she did change the class on the board to body sculpt, but they came ready for yoga. I explained it all to them and they thanked me for committing to come and fill in.

  6. good luck tn! your gonna rock it <3
    cait @pieceofcait recently posted…Tabata Workouts! { guest post }My Profile

  7. Oh good luck with yoga! Maybe add some sun salutations and balancing poses to the core work? I’m sure you’ll do great. And I’m a bandwagon fan for sure. I love sports but never got into soccer. But when it comes to my country I go all in! USA!
    Emily @MyHealthyishLife recently posted…Five Things FridayMy Profile

  8. Good luck teaching yoga!!! Just remember to tell people to breathe! Because I know that if I’m not told I forget haha….Hopefully you finish the deck today!! Good luck to Aaron! I’m babysitting a dog, need to get some homework done, and hopefully another Skype Date with my boyfriend 🙂 Have a great weekend!!
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Summer☀️ {Something’s I’m Loving Lately}My Profile

  9. Good luck with your yoga class! If all else fails, just stay in pigeon or child’s pose for like 15 minutes : )
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted…Fitbloggin FunMy Profile

  10. Woah that’s a crazy awesome thing to be able to say you’ve done – taught yoga on the fly and totally rocked it, which you will 🙂 Good luck with your class!
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…Friday Favorites – (6/27/14)My Profile

  11. Good luck with the yoga class! I am sure you will do great!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…Chickpea Polenta Breakfast Scramble (Vegan)My Profile

  12. Good luck with yoga! I had to do that before. The gym I teach at also gets desperate and we are usually allowed to change the format if they are super desperate and usually if you already taught that night…so i did yoga before (which btw is not my forte…) but I didn’t want to change the class because it was at 8 om and the members had no heads up about the change so I felt bad. I did a lot of downward dog and bird dog variations. I am sure you will do fantastic! Just have fun and remind everyone to take deep cleansing breaths.
    stacy @sweatingtulipzwithstacy recently posted…Chewsing your Chewing habitsMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      That’s exactly what I did!! I definitely took things slow and really focused on breath. Not my cup of tea, though.

  13. good luck tonight! I actually enjoy watching soccer and will watch a game whenever I can, whether it’s the world cup or not. But I don’t follow it too closely. Matt however is a GIANT soccer fan and our world has revolved around all things world cup the past few weeks….
    Runner Girl Eats recently posted…Pad Thai and Pearl JamMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I actually liked watching soccer in high school and thought it was cool. I’m not a big World Cup fan because the field is so big and no matter how large the TV is, I feel like I can’t see what is happening, haha.

  14. Holy.wow. Good luck on the yoga class, lady! I’d kind of be at a loss and probably spend an entire hour in child’s pose 😆

    And I haven’t exactly become a fan of -soccer,- per say, but I’ve definitely become a fan of all the excitement surrounding it!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #84 .My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I like the excitement, too. It’s just fun to hear everyone cheering for a common thing!


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