What we plan for Deep Creek

As some of you know, Deep Creek Lake is my favorite vacation. We have so many family members, and we love hanging out. Part of the reason I love this vacation so much is because we have home cooked meals every single night! Each night, a different family takes over for dinner. We plan it out, and we know what each person is having. That day, they do the shopping and cooking, and the rest of us enjoy! This is my first year for being apart of the cooking!


Here’s a run down of what is planned!

Saturday (last night): Because we all get in after 4, this night is just chicken from Walmart, veggies, pasta salad, and potato salad.

Sunday: Lasagna! My uncle made 5 pans of lasagna for us! I cannot even wait.

Monday: Ham

Tuesday: Tacos!

Wednesday: Pulled Pork

Thursday: Hot Dogs/Mac and Cheese/ All American Theme

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: We have a wedding to go to!

We also have pizza pies for lunch one of those days!


Here’s how the fitness looked this past week:

Sunday: Didn’t end up doing anything, and I was fine with it.

Monday: 2 mile run in the morning, taught body sculpt in the evening.

Tuesday: Went to the gym to teach Insanity, but no one showed again, boo. I really can’t blame them as Insanity is a rough workout for early in the morning. The morning classes don’t get too many members. I ran 6 miles instead.

Wednesday: Subbed a class at 5:30 and did my body sculpt from Monday, and then taught Interval Sculpt at 6:30. I also weeded outside for 2 hours in the sun. Between all that, I was beat after.

Thursday: 30 minute elliptical, weeded outside, and 2 mile walk with Aaron at night

Friday: 6 Mile Run- 4 with my mom, 2 by myself first

Saturday: Finished getting ready for vacation in the morning, so no workout and absolutely fine with it!

Total miles this year— 354 miles

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

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  1. I’m so jealous of your vacation! It sounds like SO much fun, getting to spend time with so many family members and just be in each other’s company for a week. Enjoy!!!
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