25 Things…

I’ve seen this post floating around several blogs, though I think it originally came from Tina. I thought it would be fun to play along! It’s perfect for some thinking out loud, too!


25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I’m happiest when… I’m out on the boat.


2. …Especially if it… happens to be with a beautiful sunset.

sunset 3

3. I’ve always wanted to… travel to Australia.

4. My family and I… can’t go more than a few days without seeing each other.


5. I was a terrible… teenager to my mom. There was a year or two where we fought all.the.time. My poor dad. We would both end up in our rooms slamming doors at each other. Mostly me. Thank goodness that phase passed!

6. My first job was… working at Quiznos Subs. It wasn’t bad, but I always felt bad telling the customers their total because it was so expensive!

7. I could probably… not eat vegetables and be ok with it (except I know the feelings of not eating them. Let’s pretend those wouldn’t happen).

8. I stole… lots of ideas from Pinterest.

photo 2 (2)

9. I was born on the same day as… Bob Saget (Full House dad), Derek Hough, Tony Parker

10. My all-time favorite film is… hmm. This is tough. I’d probably say The Notebook.

11. I do a pretty mean… job at baking chocolate chip cookies.

12. I’m still mad… Gilmore Girls went off the air. I always loved watching it, and thankfully just remembered it’s on every day! Woo!

13. I met my husband… as a freshman in high school.


14. I always knew I wanted… a family more than anything. For now, Benson makes our little family complete.

us with benson again

15. I’m not afraid to… sing in the car with Aaron, even though I’m awful at singing.

16. I make the bestbuffalo chicken dip and chocolate chip cookies.

buffalo chicken dip recipe

17. I have almost no… desire to cook a dinner if it’s just me. Cereal or eggs are where it’s at.

18. I always cry when…I watch sappy love movies.

19. I’m (now) loving workout out and running, but absolutely hated it until college.

20. I spent 9 years… at a Catholic school.

21. I wish my folks… were a bit closer to me so I didn’t have to drive there Smile

22. At 5, I was deeply in love with Winnie the Pooh, and playing house.

23. I believe if everyone smiled more, the world would be a better place.

24. I can’t stand…wet hair in the shower. I know, pathetic. I pretty much freak out when I have wet strands of (my own!) hair on me or anywhere in the shower. Forget even cleaning the drain. I make Aaron do it.

25. Whenever Friends is on, I’ll watch it.

Answer these questions in the comments:

  • I wish my parents…..
  • I’m still mad…
  • At 5, I was deeply in love with…
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  1. Ah! My mom and I went through a year or two phase where all we did was picker at one another. Our poor dads & siblings. Haha!
    Jessie recently posted…A Whole Bunch of RandomMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Ha, yeah my brother hated us, too. He would just stay in his room with the door shut, lol.

  2. LOVE reading this 🙂 So much cool stuff to learn about you. Interesting about Australia, that is #1 on my bucket list (the great barrier reef). I went there when I was 12 for a month, but to Perth only, someday I hope to go back. You and your family being so close is just so wonderful 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted…Secrets to Success: 8 Minutes to a Stronger CoreMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      a month?! Oh my gosh! I guess it would have been better if you were a bit older, but that’s still incredible! Do you have plans to go back home and visit soon?

  3. Ha I was a terrible teenager to my Mum too. I look back and feel awful for being so difficult and stroppy!
    I wish my parents lived closer too! Especially soon…!
    If you do make that trip to Oz, let me know 🙂
    Lauren recently posted…Croatia RecapMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I would totally let you know!! But it’s definitely not in the forseeable future 🙁

  4. Loved learning these little things about you! Alex’s brother and their mom fought TERRIBLY in high school and barely spoke to each other, and now they are super close.
    I’m still mad that Team Cheerios is gone. Forever my favorite cereal, RIP.
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Daily Rituals that Make My Day #ThinkingoutloudMy Profile

  5. Friends and Gilmore Girls are my favorite shows too!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…We Are More Than These WordsMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      They are classics. I think I’ll make my daughter watch Gilmore GIrls with me just to bond, lol. I loved watching it with my mom. I miss those down to earth shows.

  6. I’ve been wanting to do this! You might see it on my blog next week or so. I’m still mad that they won’t do a Friends movie. Come on, guys!
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted…WIAW: Tomatoes Galore!My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Yes! Can’t wait to read all the randoms! I definitely wish they would do a movie! How fun would that be!!

  7. YES for Friends, catholic school and singing in the car (I’m also terrible at it). Also- that picture of you guys from high school is so cute!
    Emily @MyHealthyishlife recently posted…TOL: Let the Chaos BeginMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Haha, It’s more embarrassing for him 😉 I tried to find a good one, but that’s all I could come up with, lol. I probably deleted all the bad ones of me back then! ha

  8. How could I forget about the Notebook?! So good! And agree with #17- I always make a big omelet when its just me!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted…8 Delicious Pinterest RecipesMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I haven’t had an omelet in a while. That’s going to be on my to make list. Maybe breakfast tomorrow 😉

  9. Totally agree on The Notebook! I cried like a had literally broken my leg when I saw it..just a powerful movie. Another fave is A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore. No words!
    I’m still mad that I didn’t exercise more in high school, I was seriously overweight and it took me almost 2 years to loose it all. Now I love it and know I will never go back!

    I also want to go to Australia!! Love kangaroos! 🙂
    Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness recently posted…WIAW – Vitamins? Ditch the gummies!My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I have never seen all of A Walk to Remember!! I’ve seen parts but nothing through. I need to watch that!

  10. I love reading these random tidbits. I’m stealing this post for myself sorry not sorry 🙂
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Contain the ExcitementMy Profile

  11. Fun! I wish my parents lived closer. They’re 5 hours away, and that’s hard.
    Jaclyn @ Bumpsweat recently posted…Use What You Have {Recipe & Guest Blogging}My Profile

  12. I wish my parents….got along better
    I’m still mad….that gossip girl is over!
    At 5, I was deeply in love with….a kid in my class hahaha.

    Omg, you and Aaron have known each other for a really long time!!
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Coconut Sugar { TOL #23 & Healthy Habits }My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Lol yeah it’s been quite a while! Funny how ridiculous we looked. Well, more him than me! ha

  13. I loved Gilmore Girls too and usually eat cereal or PB&J when I’m on my own for dinner. It’s sad!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Registered For My First RaceMy Profile

  14. These kinds of posts are so fun! Gilmore Girls was definitely a favorite show of mine too! I was so bummed when it ended!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Week 28 – Glucose Test and Growth UltrasoundMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      When you’re on maternity leave and probably feeding one of your children at 11 am, it’s on ABC Fam 😉 ha

  15. I wish my parents lived closer to make Sunday dinner less of a trek. I’m still mad I didn’t study abroad in college. At 5, I was madly in love with Barbie dolls. Haha this is fun. Have to try it for one of the thinking outlouds 🙂
    Caitlin recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #27My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I used to hate barbie dolls! lol I don’t know why but I just never got into them. My parents were probably thrilled they didn’t have to pay for them, ha.

  16. Oh my gosh I was sooo mean to my mom when I was a teen!! I’m also so glad that phase ended. I looooved Gilmore Girls though and remember watching the finale and being sad that it was all over.
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted…Summer Style: Black Romper and FedoraMy Profile

  17. What a fun read!! I’m trying to decide if I’d actually miss vegetables if I didn’t have them…haha…probably not much at least. 🙂 And wet hair in the shower–UGH, yes. How is it SO clingy??
    Kim @ Fittin Pretty recently posted…End of pregnancy thoughts + my take on gender disappointmentMy Profile

  18. #17 is currently my life. Since I live alone, it can be sooooo hard to work up the motivation to eat something other than breakfast for dinner. A bowl of cereal maaaay have made an appearance for dinner on more than one occasion this week 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #92 .My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I don’t blame you! I am not a huge fan of dinner leftovers. I will eat some of them, but have to make it as real as the dinner as possible, meaning no microwaves or anything. So cooking for one and not having leftovers is just hard! Except mug cakes.. those work for one 😉

  19. hehe, I love these! I’m fairly uninspired when I’m just cooking for myself too. I only get around this because of my ambitious to try out all those beautiful recipes on pinterest. 😡 (I’ve accepted that the list is neverending, but…doesn’t hurt to try!)

    I discovered Gilmore Girls long after it had stopped running (sigh), which was good and bad in the sense that I never had to wait to catch episodes, but ahhh! There were so many things I wanted to happen before they ended!

    It’s awesome that you met your husband in high school! :]
    Farrah recently posted…Foodie Friday: Coconut Protein BitesMy Profile