10-15-20 Circuit {New Workout!}

Hi guys. So glad you liked seeing pictures from our weekend and minimal wording! It was fun to keep it to the important key words.

I spent a lot of time yesterday dealing with cars: specifically getting new tires and an alignment, obviously not at the same place. Whew, talk about a long and boring time (not to mention an expensive day)! ha The rest of the day made up for it, though. I taught a class with awesome people, and then my friends came over! We’ve been trying to plan this for weeks and finally it works. We had lots of girl time, complete with catching up and multiple glasses of wine. Mmm.

For today, though, let’s talk about another workout. I truly love working out, and teaching classes multiple times a week has my mind always spinning for new workouts. I go to bed thinking of exercises that’s how crazy I am!


Funny enough, I’ve actually gotten out of bed before just to try out an exercise that is spinning in my mind. It’s quite a funny scene, but some exercises come out of that crazy time!

Anyway, today is one of the days that I want to share a workout I thought of while attempting to sleep.

10-15-20 Circuit

I’m usually one to stick to a set number of reps. I typically do 12 of the exercises and then move on, and repeat. It’s proven not only to work, but to keep me motivated and I keep going. However, it’s fun to switch things up, and that’s what you’re doing today! Instead of one set number of reps, you will complete this workout 3 times; the first will be with 10 reps, then 15, then 20.

Please remember not only to warm up, but to use proper form. If you can’t reach a certain number of reps on something, that’s okay! Do what you can. I personally had to drop the weight I was using for the 20 reps, because your muscles will not only be fatigued, but it is a lot of reps!

Remember to go here and check out the exercises!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you complete it as I always love feedback.

What workout do you usually do on Tuesdays?

Would you rather do a workout that’s timed or according to reps?

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  1. Haha, you go to bed thinking of exercises, I go to bed thinking of food…. to each their own 😀 I love a good pyramid workout. On Tuesdays I typically do spin and then weights (body split). I am a much bigger proponent of rep-based workouts than time a) because I don’t like to move fast and b) form is so important and rushing can cause you to drop it.

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Yes! Rushing it is so bad and I definitely don’t recommend that, ever. Sometimes timed workouts will have you doing more reps, and then you do fatigue. Have to really focus and know what you are doing and stop if you have to if it’s too much!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much you can accomplish when laying in bed trying to sleep? Ha!
    Jessie recently posted…Babies Update: 17 Weeks & 3 DaysMy Profile

  3. I love increasing the reps as I go because my muscles get so tired and I really feel the burn!
    Becky recently posted…Week of Fitness 2/24-3/2/2014My Profile

  4. I’m definitely going to try this because I tend to always stick to a set number of reps (usually 12). Good to switch it up!
    Emily @MyHealthyishlife recently posted…TransitionsMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      12 is such a good number, isn’t it?! Lol I definitely use that number of reps on the regular!

  5. I think about workouts I’m going to do while I’m in bed too haha. I usually stick with number of reps too. I do like to switch it up sometimes and use an interval timer, though.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Meet our new addition!My Profile

  6. I really like this workout! And the bent over rows reminded me that I need to remember to include bent over flies tomorrow haha since I always forget. Today is a HIIT run for me!! I always dread it haha. I would rather do a timed workout, it just seems like more fun 🙂
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted…Oops I Did It AgainMy Profile

  7. Love it! and YES to inspiration while trying to fall asleep. Pinning!
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted…Classic Peach CobblerMy Profile

  8. Walking pushups get me every time but I love them! Great workout, cant wait to try it!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted…Wrong Like A Denim Tuxedo: Favorite Quotes From Eat The YolksMy Profile

  9. Thank you for the workout! That 3rd round is definitely a killer!
    On Tuesday’s I usually train my upper body and arms. I tend to really push myself on my workouts so spliting body parts gives my muscles more time to rest.
    I usually prefer timed workouts, sometimes I just forget to count or get the numbers messed up so just instead listening to the beep of my timer takes some pressure off.
    Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness recently posted…“Fitting in” the FITNESS WORLD. Where is your home?My Profile

  10. Loved your wiaw post and great workout posted above! saw your blog from mommyrunfast comment 🙂


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