7 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

The Pittsburgh Marathon weekend is going to be here before I know it! It is only 7 short weeks away, so naturally, I should probably start to train.

I did want to share with you all my 7 week half marathon training plan. Of course, this is what works for me. I have been running between 2-3 times a week for months. I trained for the 10 mile race back in November, and kept up my mileage. I have noticed that my miles have gotten shorter, but I blame treadmill boredom during winter more than anything.


With that in mind, I took my half marathon training plan tips and created a schedule for me. While this might not be perfect for you, it is an idea that you can take and base yours around.

7 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


Here’s what went into planning my schedule:

1. I knew I taught both Monday and Tuesday, so I couldn’t have running days. Instead, I knew they would be my strength days.

2. I like to run 3 days a week, preferably not back to back days as I get into higher mileage.

3. I decided to switch running to Wed, Friday, and Sunday. I can’t guarantee how this goes, and things might be switched around, but I’m hoping this works out!

4. I like to keep my mid week mileage on the lower side so I don’t get wiped out. I switched between 4, 5, and 6 for my Friday runs. I did this for my 10 mile race and really liked how it worked.

5. I made a rest day before my long run each week. I’m looking forward to some lazy Saturday mornings because of this!

6. I added a third strength day on Thursdays. If I feel like I need another rest day throughout the week, this will be what gets dropped. I like to keep it to 3 days running. I’d like four days actually, but realistically, it just can’t happy with my schedule.

Whew, that was long! I am really excited for this training cycle! I called Aaron after I made it and told him if nothing else, it’s too pretty to let go to waste Winking smile

So tell me…

What do you think about when making a training cycle?

How many days of running is your sweet spot?

When’s your next race?

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  1. Sounds like a solid plan! It can be hard to come up with a training plan when you teach on the schedule that you do. Just don’t be afraid to be flexible, but definitely always work to hit those long runs 😀

  2. Great plan! I love sitting down and planning out my training cycle. It’s so fun to look at! When I’m making up mine, I make sure to first put down any trips or vacations, or days that I absolutely can’t run. I use hal higdon’s plans as a base, and change things around to fit my schedule. I’ll schedule in my classes that I always go to on the gym. Then I try to find races in my area that will build up to the distance I’m running and schedule long runs on the other weeks. Speaking of, my next race in my plan is April 4, but my goal race is a half in June!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…Wednesday Reviews: BrooksMy Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I do the exact same t hing! I love sitting down and planning ou training cycles, haha. I just love any planning 😉

  3. Jennifer says:

    My first half marathon is just 3 weeks out. I cannot wait!

  4. Looks like a great plan! You’ve got this!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Oskar Blues 4 Miler 2015My Profile

  5. I can’t believe it’s only 7 weeks away, that’s so crazy (I have my goal half that same weekend, so I’m right there with ya in the countdown!)!!

    Sounds like you’ve come up with a great plan that really builds upon all the mileage you’ve worked so hard to keep up with. It already sounds like you are going to kick some butt.

    My next race is a half marathon in 2.5 weeks (eeek!). I probably won’t race it though, just use it to gauge my fitness and practice marathon pacing. But it still gives me butterflies that it’s coming up so soon – I can not WAIT for Spring racing season!
    Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor recently posted…Grandma’s Marathon Training: Week 4My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I can’t believe it’s so soon, either! Good thing I finally started training 😉 haha I can’t wait to hear about your next half. Even not racing it, it’s a great indication of where you’re at fitness wise!

  6. You have a pretty in depth plan! That’s awesome!

    I would usually map out my long runs and fill in the blanks with the rest of my workouts! So this is very detailed (and pretty), and I’m impressed!

    You’re going to do awesome! I hope the weather cooperates over the next few weeks!
    Stacy @ SweatingTulipz recently posted…Kick Butts Day!My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Haha I definitely spent too long making it 😉 But yes, I like to have detailed plans. I didn’t add in there speed or what was easy and hard workouts, so I just plan those weekly!

  7. I am still trying to figure out what my sweet spot is after decades of running. I tried upping my miles for this training cycle and I am now injured 6 weeks before my race. I think my sweet spot is probably 4 days a week with cross training. I don’t like cross training, but I must do it if I want to maintain my speed. Your plan looks very solid– can’t wait to follow along and see you crush it on race morning!

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      I’m not a huge cross training, as in spinning, or elliptical, person, and I used to try running more. It was only after starting to teach and not having time to run on top of teaching the fitness classes that I became ok with 3 days a week. I hope your injury heals for Boston!

  8. I make up my own half training plans too! I always stick to 3 days running and not back to back like you as well. Then I mix in strength and cross training for the days in between. My race is at the end of April so my training plan has been a bit shorter than I’d like too. Oh well! Good luck with the training and enjoy!
    Jill recently posted…Weekend Snapshots and It’s my Birthday, Shorty!My Profile

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Thank you! Love that yours is similar to mine 🙂 Running 3 days is totally enough to train!

  9. I love seeing the modified training schedule. I feel like every training program you find via Pinterest, Runners World, etc are all 10 week training plans and if you have more or less time you can kind of feel lost.

    I love the graphic! What program did you use?

    • Fit N Cookies says:

      Yes! I just knew I didn’t want to train that long. I used PicMonkey for the graphic 🙂


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