Annabelle’s First Boat Ride

Hey, hey! How is everyone? Did you have a good weekend? Ours was a mix of sun and rain for the most part, but that’s ok. Friday night we had our good friend who lives in New York City stop over, Saturday Aaron headed out for the Pen’s game while I stayed behind, and Sunday was spent all day glued to the blog. I’m working hard on categorizing posts and making sure things are ready. Of course we’ve run into {Read More}

A Summer Boat Night

Last night was one of those nights you just didn’t want to end. With a day at 90 degrees, we knew we had to get out on the boat. Lucky for us, we had some friends who were able to come join us. It’s no secret that our summer weather has been pitiful. Honestly, the temps weren’t the worst, but I think that’s just because I’m pregnant and don’t want the heat. It was the rain that made it {Read More}

MIMM with a beautiful weekend!

Today marks the first day of school for many in my area. I only know of one school district that doesn’t go back today, but it’s school bus central everywhere. Being that Aaron and I moved in the middle of summer, I love seeing the school bus come up our road! Reminds me of childhood when everything was care free and not a worry was in sight! As if the sound of the school bus wasn’t marvelous enough, I had {Read More}

Happy 4th! And who knew a boat involved all that.

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday today. Most of us are off work today, and able to enjoy the holiday. Don’t forget why we have this holiday, and what our independence has meant for our country as a whole! I have a bunch of thoughts going through my head, so today you get a random list.. capesh? 1. My mom and I went to my final florist appointment yesterday. It was quick, easy, and painless. We {Read More}

Wakeboarding Season

Good morning. Are you ready for the start of a new week? Ready to conquer some to do list items? Ready to start fresh? I sure am. I, not so secretly, love writing to do lists, and always feel great making one for the start of a new week. Even better is when I get to cross everything off before the end of the week. Who else is like me? No one? Oh, bummer. Well, my weekend was marvelous! So {Read More}

Graduations and Being stubborn while running

I swear it was just Friday. How is it Sunday already?! On Thursday night, I attended the Baccalaureate for Aaron’s brother, Aric, and my cousin, Bridget. I have become pretty close to a lot of Bridget’s friends over the years (she lives right up the street from me!) so I also wanted to see them graduate! It was really a great night. It was short, but you could feel God’s presence, which is all that was important. Aric planned it {Read More}

Birthday Recap, some boating, and some relaxing!

It’s another wonderful Monday because It’s MIMM! Let’s wrap up the marvelous things that happened this weekend!   Friday: After my not so great run on Friday, I headed into work. I haven’t mentioned it, but I was offered a long term sub job until the end of the year. It has been fantastic to know where I am going everyday, making lesson plans again, interacting with the kids on a more regular basis, and feeling a part of a {Read More}

Staying Safe in the Sun + Random + New Winner!

Hi all! Before I get to this post, I need to share a few other things! 1. You guys cracked me up yesterday talking about boyfriends/fiancés/ husbands working out! Aaron even read my post and told me it made him laugh. I wish all of our guys could start enjoying it like we do!! I do have to mention, though, that Aaron does have to hold back on his activity a little bit (not to the point of being inactive, {Read More}