Lower Body Focus {Workout}

Ready to make those legs shake? Get the quads burning? Today’s workout is a lower body focus and will do just that! Hi guys! How are you today? Having a good start to the week? Lately I’ve been really concentrating on either cardio or strength in my workouts. I’ve honestly found myself sweating more with strength workouts than I ever thought was possible. I’ve increased those weights and really pushed myself. Take yesterday, for example. Emily was over during a {Read More}

Lower Body Burn

Sometimes, we need a workout that gets the job done, but yet isn’t too time consuming. We know I’m all about that these days, but some short workouts just don’t pack in the punch for me. I want to make sure I’m working hard during those workouts, not hardly working. Last week, I wanted a workout that did just that, but was specifically for legs. I think I’ve done this 4 times already since I made it up last week, {Read More}

Upper Body + Squats Workout

Last week, I was looking in the mirror and as I turned to the side, I realized that I’ve lost my butt! Ha. I wish I was kidding, but it appears as I had Annabelle, I lost my butt. I did squats and lunges until the day I delivered, and started back fairly soon after having her, but alas, it’s still gone. With that in mind, as I had upper body on my mind that day, I decided to add {Read More}

Operation Get Baby Moving Workout

Gosh, I’m so sorry everyone! I accidentally published this yesterday, then switched it to today only to not really schedule it. Pregnancy brain? Haha anywayyy lets have a redo!   Hey hey, how are you guys today? We had quite the gloomy day yesterday, and it appears it’s going to continue through this week. We honestly do need rain so I’m not hating it! Sunday: 20 minute walk Monday: 45 minute walk with my mom and arm workout Tuesday: Rest Day {Read More}

Lower Body Burn Workout

I haven’t recapped my workouts in a little while, so I thought today I wanted to check in on last week’s workouts! Sunday: Rest day. We went out in the boat and I didn’t get around to a workout. Monday: 21 Day Fix Upper Body Fix. I do have to really modify the upper fix, which I forgot about. A lot is done on your back and I can’t lay on my back, soo there goes that, haha. I modify {Read More}

Squats, Squats, Squats Workout + Workout Recap 8/3

Helloooo Tuesday! Tuesday’s aren’t especially my favorite day of the week, but what can ya do about it, ya know? I do love sharing workouts with you, though, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do today! First, here’s a recap of my workouts last week. Sunday: 30 minute elliptical before church Monday: 20 minute walk and third trimester upper body workout Tuesday: 30 minute walk around my hilly neighborhood! I went out for the fresh air because it was {Read More}

20 Minute Strength Tabata Workout

You guys, I’m typing this up and it’s snowing outside. SNOWING! What! It’s spring and I’m over it. Instead of complaining, let’s talk about sweat, aka, my workouts last week Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt Ended up switching up my entire workout schedule last week and did my 4 miles on my schedule. Wednesday: Did the workout  below Check it out, it’s a great one! Thursday: Ran 5 miles. Ugh, on the treadmill. However! I woke up early and got it in {Read More}

The Lunge Burner Workout

Good morning! Hope your Monday was a good one. Let’s get right to it today! Last week was a good week of workouts! Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt. We did a lot of cardio and I was dead after! It felt great. We did 4 circuits of 3 cardio moves for 45 seconds, repeated once, followed by a Tabata strength workout, before moving on. Let me know if you’d like me to type it up! I’d be happy to share. Wednesday: After {Read More}