Annabelle’s First Boat Ride

Hey, hey! How is everyone? Did you have a good weekend? Ours was a mix of sun and rain for the most part, but that’s ok. Friday night we had our good friend who lives in New York City stop over, Saturday Aaron headed out for the Pen’s game while I stayed behind, and Sunday was spent all day glued to the blog. I’m working hard on categorizing posts and making sure things are ready. Of course we’ve run into {Read More}

Friday Favorites 5/27/16

Hi all! I hope today finds you in great spirits! This week has been all around fantastic over here! Lots of favorites for today Linking up with Heather and Katie! Summer Fun: Wednesday was beautiful so we had to get out and enjoy it! I found this bin I have had and figured it’d make a great little pool for Annabelle, so I set it up with water before her nap, the sun warmed it up, and she played in {Read More}

Getting out of the House Weekend and Birthday Celebrations

Hey guys! Happy Monday! How are you all? Did you have a good weekend? Ours was great! We were out of the house so much and it felt really nice. Friday: After work and a doctor appointment for A, we went to my Aunt’s house for a Lularue party. If you’re like I was a month ago and didn’t know what this was, it’s a clothing line that is similar to other house parties. My cousin recently became a consultant, {Read More}

Annabelle: 7 Months

Another month has gone by and I find myself wondering how that’s possible! I love this girl more than anything and treasure the time I do spend with her. This past month has been my favorite (I probably say that every month, though…) so let’s take a look! She is in 6-9 month clothing, and in some 3-6 month things. It’s more winter clothes and long sleeves that she is in 3-6 because her 6-9 doesn’t really have those! Likes: {Read More}

Tips for Flying with an Infant

We flew from Pittsburgh to Houston and back a few weeks ago, with my (then) 5 month old. The biggest thing I can tell you is to start making lists and keep them handy for everything you think of! Here are some other tips for flying with an infant that worked for us: Clear out your diaper bag and only pack what you need for the flight. We had toys, a few diapers, two burp clothes, 2 bibs, formula, and {Read More}

Annabelle: 6 Months

6 months. A half year. I cannot believe it. Aaron and I realized she was going to be 6 months the weekend before and we both got a little sad! I can’t believe she’s been with us this long, but can’t remember life without her. I was trying to remember pregnancy the other day when talking to a friend and it seems like so far away! Stats: Height: 26 1/4 in Weight: 18 lb 6 oz Head: 43 cm She {Read More}

Late night parties, workouts lately, and other randomness 4/14/16

Let’s skip the chit chat and get right to a series of randomness. I don’t have the brain capacity to think today. Thanks, Amanda! 1. A had me up for 3 hours Tuesday night. Um, what?! She was sleeping through the night and then this past week there have been a few nights that she’s been up for 1-2 hours and nothing works to get her back! Tuesday night she kept rolling on her belly and back and back and {Read More}

I’m Done Breastfeeding

This is a sensitive topic to many, so please know that I took all things into consideration.  When we found out Annabelle had reflux, there are a million things out there on how to help it. From holding baby upright after feeding for 30 minutes, to propping up the crib, cutting things out of diet, etc. I tried all of those. I hated seeing Annabelle in pain and knowing she was getting worse and not better was terrible for me. {Read More}