A sentence a picture: Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! This weekend was beyond productive. I discussed it on Friday, but I had thoughts of painting our room, and baking lots. I am happy to say I finished both, but it currently has left me exhausted! I am finally sitting down (it’s Sunday night when I’m writing this) after being on my feet painting since 9 am. Let’s back up and share a sentence per picture. No girl’s night is complete without wine. Woke up to a winter {Read More}

It’s been one of those weeks

I mentioned yesterday to expect a post on marriage coming today. Well, my thoughts just weren’t sounding like I wanted when I sat down to write it, so I want to spend a bit more time on that before sharing! Yesterday afternoon, my mom came over to decorate Christmas cookies with me. Most of them were decorated very well. Towards the end, we both started getting tired of it (we decorated over 60!) and they became a blur of cookies. {Read More}

What I eat when I am not working

A few weeks ago, I shared a day in the life post of what I do while I am working. It includes pretty set meals, and I make sure to eat them. However, there are days, like yesterday, that I am home and it actually becomes harder to eat. Here’s a look at yesterday! 7:30: Rolled out of bed and decided that it wasn’t raining so I should go for my run. Had a Clif Shot Blok on my way {Read More}

Shoulder Shaper Workout

I know we are all busy, enjoying time with family, celebrating Christmas with others. Now is the time when we need to make the most out of our workouts, and this is a quick one for you to finish in 25 minutes! I’m off to the mall with Aaron to just see the crazies and look at the decorations! Then it’s home to finish baking some cinnamon rolls, make some appetizers for tonight, and get this party started! Hope you {Read More}

Cake Batter {Truffles}

Sorry to make you all wait until now! I felt this morning’s post was getting too long to tack on a recipe! This is also the last cookie recipe I am going to share with you before Christmas! Hope you enjoy it! ************************** Even reading the title makes my mouth water. Though they are quite sweet, they are perfect for eating just one or two, and being fine stopping at that. That’s not to say you won’t crave them, but {Read More}

Everyone needs one of these {recipes}

Good morning everyone! I had such a blast yesterday for our girls day and can’t wait to recap tomorrow! Until then, let’s talk food, fitness, and another recipe! Make sure you check our my favorite recipe from yesterday! Obviously with Christmas coming this week, our meals are a bit off! however I am making different food for different parties so I thought I’d share it all! Tonight– fridge cleanout! Monday– Tortilla Soup (frozen) and Beer Biscuits. My cousins are coming {Read More}

My Ultimate Favorite- Cake Balls {Recipe}

Hi friends! Today starts my 12 day vacation. Woo for teaching!  I’m very excited for the holidays, and can’t wait to get started. Last night I had my friends over for a cookie exchange and a fun night! I had them over a few weeks ago, but we wanted to do something for Christmas. Being that I love cookies, and I had yet to have a cookie exchange, I asked them and they were game for it. There are only {Read More}

Christmas Lights and Thumbprint {Recipe}

1. Tuesday night I was just not feeling the whole stay inside thing. I had a great day, managed to get a lot done, but I just needed out. Have you ever had those days? Aaron was game for anything, so we decided to go look at Christmas lights. We also decided that we should bring Benny along   He never minded the car before, so we thought we’d try going around the block and see how he did. He {Read More}