Melting Snow, Benson’s favorite spot, and some baby babbling

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope it’s off to a great start! 1. Thank you all for the comments yesterday. I was nervous all day to look at them, ha! I will say, though, that I wrote it in December, and made some changes, but that was about 6 weeks postpartum, so things are definitely different. But (like Danica mentioned) if I never lose the rest of the weight and I’m like this for life, I’m completely ok with it! Annabelle was {Read More}

Christmas Cookie baking, Christmas presents: Thinking Out Loud

This week has flown by, and I’m loving it! I thought today would be a fun day for some thinking out loud! Here’s what’s on the mom brain this week… {Thanks, Amanda} 1. Part of the reason this week has flown is because Aaron was off yesterday! He had some extra days to use, and had a project that he had to get done Tuesday, so Wednesday was a nice treat! I personally love Wednesday’s off from work. It just {Read More}

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone! How are you? I’ve missed chatting with you on the regular basis. Truth is, there are times when I have a free moment, but it hasn’t been spent opening my computer. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve been reading all the blogs while I nurse, but have been minimal in the commenting! However, the desire to spend the time writing a post isn’t always there I’m sure you understand! I found some time, though, and wanted to chat! Here {Read More}

Friday Favorites 10/9/15

I thought it’d be fun to share some favorites from the week! Here we go… Linking up with Heather and Katie! 1. Going to sleep at 8:30. Yeah, for real. Aaron went out for the Pirate game on Wednesday, and I was just laying around tired and figured why not go to sleep! Of course, I was up a lot through the night, but going to bed that early was glorious! 2. Tazo Chai Tea Latte mix. I’ve never bought {Read More}

What you do when your weekends are empty+ Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend wasn’t anything too crazy. Honestly, until the little babe appears, we don’t have many plans at all! We left our days and weekends open in case someone little decided to appear, making for both relaxing, and sometimes, boring nights. Here’s a look at our weekend in a few words per picture style. Friday morning walk. Aaron and I got the new iPhones! Woo! Crazy cat likes to {Read More}

Five Things Friday 8/14/15

We made it to Friday! Wahoo!! This has felt like the longest week, ever! I worked on Monday as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it just made the week drag. I kept thinking I was one day ahead, and then come Thursday I wasn’t expecting to work, haha!  Let’s end it on a great note with some Five Things Friday! 1. I’ve had a craving for cold, refreshing food for a while. I couldn’t pinpoint it, though, which {Read More}

Benson Turns 2!

I hope you are all finishing off an amazing weekend. I’ll be sharing all about ours tomorrow (it was very packed), but today I wanted to share someone’s birthday! Benson turned 2! It’s so crazy to think he was this small at one point. He’s been our favorite boy for two years. There’s nothing like the cat snuggles I get from him, the attention he shows, and my favorite is that he knows when something is wrong and will come {Read More}

Mid week date night, last day of school, Benson’s new favorite toy

1. The last day of school was today. It was definitely bittersweet as I know I won’t be going into any full time position next year, or long term position. I have loved the kids I’ve worked with all year. It was a challenge stepping into this position, but I wouldn’t have traded it. I will miss those little buggers! 2. For our wedding, we had water beads in the centerpieces with flowers on top. They are super tiny little {Read More}