Annabelle’s First Boat Ride

Hey, hey! How is everyone? Did you have a good weekend? Ours was a mix of sun and rain for the most part, but that’s ok. Friday night we had our good friend who lives in New York City stop over, Saturday Aaron headed out for the Pen’s game while I stayed behind, and Sunday was spent all day glued to the blog. I’m working hard on categorizing posts and making sure things are ready. Of course we’ve run into {Read More}

Five Things Friday 9/17/15

Wahoo, we made it to Friday! This week went by pretty quickly for me, and I’m certainly not complaining. 1. Cancer. It’s a word we all hate to hear. It’s even worse when it’s someone in your family and there’s not much to do for them. Add in that it was supposed to be treatable and it’s spread and things just don’t seem fair. I’ve woken up every morning since hearing the news praying it was a nightmare. Thankfully, I {Read More}

Weekend in a sentence per picture style

Happy Labor Day to all my US friends! I hope you get to enjoy an extra day off. We don’t have any picnics planned, but I’m hoping to make it to one of our parents for dinner so I don’t have to cook This weekend was a pretty awesome one, so let’s recap one sentence per picture style. Only two more weeks of teaching at the gym! We met our friend’s adorable baby Mason on Friday Sarris Ice Cream stop {Read More}

A concert on the river kind of weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast this weekend went and how we’re already back to Monday. Those weekends need to last a lot longer, I tell ya! Mine was full of so many fun things, including my baby shower! I’ll have a recap of that later this week! I’ve been too busy having fun organizing it all to even go through my pictures! But, the rest of the weekend was just as great so here’s a recap! Friday: {Read More}

Dog Days of Summer Dog Walk

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, like mine was! Here are the highlights: 30 week doctor appointment: On Friday I had my 30 week appointment. After waiting for an hour, the doctor was happy with where I was measuring and the movement she is making. The only thing he was concerned with was that I lost a pound this month and he wants to see me gain about a pound a week from here on out. {Read More}

Deep Creek 2015

It’s only been almost 2 weeks since we got back from vacation, but I’m finally going to start recapping! There honestly isn’t too much to recap besides pictures, so it may be a few posts with pictures, but who doesn’t love those? I surely won’t complain about pictures! A little background: We traveled to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland with my dad’s family. He is one of ten children, and we found out this was the 48th year they have been {Read More}

A Summer Boat Night

Last night was one of those nights you just didn’t want to end. With a day at 90 degrees, we knew we had to get out on the boat. Lucky for us, we had some friends who were able to come join us. It’s no secret that our summer weather has been pitiful. Honestly, the temps weren’t the worst, but I think that’s just because I’m pregnant and don’t want the heat. It was the rain that made it {Read More}

Our Fetal Echo Results + Catch Up

I’m so glad you all loved seeing the Fourth of July recap! I am still recovering from all of it, haha! We actually didn’t even have a chance for a break after that. I figured there’s a bit more we can catch up on, so here are some Tuesday rambles for you! We woke up Sunday a little later and missed church (whoops!) before we had to get ready for the boat. We made plans months ago with our friends {Read More}