Christmas Part 2!

If you missed part one with Christmas eve and Christmas morning, catch up here! After we hosted brunch, cleaned the house up a little bit, and got ready ourselves, we headed to my parents where my mom’s family comes for Christmas. There were plenty of appetizers out (seriously, my mom out does herself!), and around 4ish, we started the grab bag. For whatever reason, it’s always a huge deal, haha. My grandma and aunt can never hear so they start {Read More}

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

From our family to yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with family, friends, however you spend it!

Christmas Traditions

I am so glad my holiday shopping is done! I typically take Annabelle out during one of her naps when I have errands to run, and yesterday I did just that. I had to go to Walmart and return, Shop n Save for bacon (Christmas breakfast) and bread (last nights dinner) and one last stop at Wine and Spirits about a mile from my house for some Champagne for Mimosas. Well, we were doing great, even with a 40 minute {Read More}

A warm December weekend

Hey hey! I just can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas, which is the end of December, and then 2015 is over! I guess being pregnant for most of the year has something to do with the year flying by! We went through our calendar and we have quite a few busy nights coming up, which I’m excited about. Just hope little Annabelle does well with it all Anywayyy we had a great weekend! We had 60s both Saturday and {Read More}

Five Things Friday 12/11/15

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. Mine went by very quickly, which was nice! Here’s some Five Things Friday for ya! 1. The Barre Code has a new location! If you live in Pittsburgh, they are opening a new one on McKnight Road on December 12. It will include Free classes, social media giveaways, on site raffles, and lots more fun! I, unfortunately, can’t make it, but I hope to get there and try a Barre class soon! {Read More}

Beginning my Christmas Shopping + Questions for you!

Hey guys, how are you today? Today has been off to a good start. Little girl only woke up once last night to eat! Woo! I should note that she’s been a little Houdini so she gets herself in a tangled mess at night in her sleep sack. I had to fix her at 2, but she took the binky and went back, and at 6:15 she needed freed again. I think it’s time to get a bigger size! Time {Read More}

The Remainder of our Christmas 2014: WIAW

I started sharing our Christmas on Monday, and today I’m going to finish. Sorry for the double posts, but with so much packed in, I need to share! I’m also linking up with Jen for some WIAW since we had lots of great food! After a short nap on Christmas day, Aaron and I made our way to my parents. They host Christmas for my mom’s side of the family every year. We had so many great appetizers. This doesn’t {Read More}

Christmas Day 2014

Hi guys! Long time no chat. We’ve been riding high on days off and lots of Christmas celebrations; absolutely nothing to complain about! In case you missed it, I recapped our Christmas Eve here, and now I’m continuing on. Today is about Christmas morning, and then I’ll have one more post about the rest of our festivities. With three sides of the family, not including immediate family, to celebrate with, it ends up being quite a few days long! Christmas {Read More}