Christmas Cookie baking, Christmas presents: Thinking Out Loud

This week has flown by, and I’m loving it! I thought today would be a fun day for some thinking out loud! Here’s what’s on the mom brain this week… {Thanks, Amanda} 1. Part of the reason this week has flown is because Aaron was off yesterday! He had some extra days to use, and had a project that he had to get done Tuesday, so Wednesday was a nice treat! I personally love Wednesday’s off from work. It just {Read More}

Ice Skating at PPG Place

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. This weekend started our busy Christmas weekends. From now until New Years, we are packed pretty solid. While it’s definitely fun to be in the holiday spirit and to be around all those you love and care about, it can be a bit exhausting! I feel like I definitely need a recovery weekend for my weekends now. Who’s with me Our weekend was so fun, though, and I enjoyed every minute! {Read More}

The Holiday Spirit

Good morning, all! If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to head over to this post and enter my giveaway! The Christmas Spirit This week has been all about getting in the Christmas Spirit. I mean, I didn’t really need help doing it. After we got our tree last week, it’s been pretty easy! Aaron and I started the 24 days of Celebrations on Dec. 1. I talked about it last year, but basically there are 24 things in a {Read More}

Going a bit stir crazy

I’m just going to be honest here; I’m starting to go stir-crazy. This weekend was more brutal weather with both temps and snow. It ended up snowing for 95% of the day Saturday, trapping us in our house. I had plans to head out with friends- of which I was really looking forward to- and they were canceled. The roads were mostly cleared during the day, but after dark, roads are never fully kept up with. Nevertheless, weekends are always {Read More}

Shoulder Shaper Workout

I know we are all busy, enjoying time with family, celebrating Christmas with others. Now is the time when we need to make the most out of our workouts, and this is a quick one for you to finish in 25 minutes! I’m off to the mall with Aaron to just see the crazies and look at the decorations! Then it’s home to finish baking some cinnamon rolls, make some appetizers for tonight, and get this party started! Hope you {Read More}

Cake Batter {Truffles}

Sorry to make you all wait until now! I felt this morning’s post was getting too long to tack on a recipe! This is also the last cookie recipe I am going to share with you before Christmas! Hope you enjoy it! ************************** Even reading the title makes my mouth water. Though they are quite sweet, they are perfect for eating just one or two, and being fine stopping at that. That’s not to say you won’t crave them, but {Read More}

Girls Day Out: MIMM

This has been such a terrific weekend; I hope yours was, too! Is everyone done now shopping? I can’t believe how many stores are open 24 hours this holiday season! Craziness…I went to Walmart the other night for basic necessities we were out of, and completely forgot it was holiday season and waited in line for 15 minutes! Linking up with the Diva! Did you catch my posts this weekend? Cake Ball Recipe Sugar Cookie Recipe Friday: My girlfriends came {Read More}

Everyone needs one of these {recipes}

Good morning everyone! I had such a blast yesterday for our girls day and can’t wait to recap tomorrow! Until then, let’s talk food, fitness, and another recipe! Make sure you check our my favorite recipe from yesterday! Obviously with Christmas coming this week, our meals are a bit off! however I am making different food for different parties so I thought I’d share it all! Tonight– fridge cleanout! Monday– Tortilla Soup (frozen) and Beer Biscuits. My cousins are coming {Read More}