Tis the Season to work that CORE!

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts working their core for bathing suit season! With that in mind, complete this core workout to tone it up and make those muscles pop! Want to know a way to make Monday even worse? Get 10 yards of mulch delivered. Even knowing it was coming didn’t make that mound look any smaller! Thankfully I married a gem and we work well as a team. When Annabelle napped, I did the weeding, {Read More}

Plank It Out Core Workout

The core was always a spot that I neglected. I mean, I held my core in when doing squats and lunges, I worked it during classes, and typically one more during the week, but I never really enjoyed it. I always felt it was something I could dismiss and I’d be fine without it. Turns out, you use your core for a lot. Now that my core is basically non-existant, I realize the importance of it. It’s funny to say, {Read More}

Abs on Fire Workout

While watching a movie with Aaron last week, I started to get antsy. I basically get antsy anytime I am watching a movie. Something about the length of them combined with staying seated for that long of a time makes me go crazy. About half way through the movie, I needed to get up and move. What began as some light stretching ended up being an ab circuit. It was the perfect ab circuit to do while still paying attention {Read More}

No Equipment Vacation Workout + Core on the Go workout!

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a fantastic week! Just because I am on vacation doesn’t mean I’m not working out. Between running in a new area, and having the boat to do water sports, I’m getting my fair share of exercise. However, on rainy days, or some that are chillier, I need something else to do. I came up with a No equipment needed vacation workout to get me through those times! Hope you enjoy! The first one {Read More}

No Floor Core {Workout}

One of my favorite parts of my blog is sharing workouts with you. I wish I could share them everyday, but, truth be told, I don’t make up new workouts every day. I try to use ones I find from others, or repeat workouts for a week or two. I love trying new workouts, and finding ones I like. A lot of the workouts I do on a day-to-day basis are my own workouts you can find on my fitness {Read More}

Cardio and Core Circuit

Good morning! I’m off to hopefully complete a run, but the weather outside is looking like rain! Can’t forget though that it is My mom really loved my workout last week. Actually, she asked who created it. Thanks mom. I have to agree with her about loving it, though. I really liked the idea of mixing cardio and strength up. This week, I made one in a similar way, but focusing on cardio and core. Mostly because I am still {Read More}

Old Time Circus and New Workout!

{Edited to Add} My heart goes out to all of those who were hurt, killed, or lost someone or something close to them in Oklahoma. I can’t fathom what they must be going through. To see an entire town completely flat is heartbreaking. Keep them in your prayers <3   Good morning! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I found out we had an assembly to go to in the morning. My students were also pleased because they were able {Read More}