Houston: Part 2

Did you miss the first part? Catch up here! We last left off on Saturday, when the men went to the Final Four games on Saturday. Sunday happened to be my mom’s birthday! She was up early and decided she wanted Annabelle so they hung out for a little while before I went to hang out. Shortly after her morning nap, which was early due to the time change, we met up with everyone for breakfast! We went to Shoonie’s, {Read More}

Chipotle, The Park, and family time

After having quite a long break without Aaron, it was so nice to have him home. To not be on “mom” duty all the time was a relief. Let’s be real- being able to go to the bathroom without her crying for leaving her was quite a treat, ha! Aaron and I both had off Thursday and, you guys, she was ridiculously happy to see Aaron. It was the cutest thing! She spent all of Thursday just smiling away at {Read More}

A new appreciation for single moms

So, things have been a little quieter on this ‘ol blog for the past two weeks (more last week than this), but with good reason! I didn’t want to say anything ahead of time (I never do), but Aaron left for a business trip almost 2 weeks ago. That means I’ve been single parenting it up for the past 13 days (… but who’s counting!?). Between switching up Annabelle’s meds, lack of sleep at night, and changing schedules, I’ve had {Read More}

A 30th birthday and a girls night

Just like that, we’re one weekend closer to spring! Though the temps weren’t that warm, it was still a great weekend After work on Friday, my mom stayed with Annabelle while I ran for a doctor’s appointment. I managed to get in a workout when I got home before Annabelle woke up, too! Shortly after, my dad stopped by on his way home. Since my appointment was a little later, my mom brought dinner over and we all ate together. {Read More}

The time we sold our furniture

Hey everyone! Popping in super late on this Monday! Today seemed to fly by and I never made it to my computer! Instead, I went back to bed when she took her early morning nap, worked out during another nap, ran errands and took a walk during another, and we had a doctor appointment for Annabelle tonight. Busy busy day! Anyway, here’s a look at our weekend! When Annabelle took a nap Friday afternoon, Benson and I decided to join. {Read More}

A perfect start to fall weekend

This weekend was the perfect start to fall and I couldn’t have been in any more heaven! I mean, this week is going back into the high 80s, but for those two days where the highs were in the 60s, I was relishing in it. Linking up with Katie for MIMM! I actually got so wrapped up in the temps dropping that on Friday, I went through and got my decorations out, organized more of the house, and then decorated {Read More}

Jenn’s 30th Birthday Surprise

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great start to their Monday. We are having a blast on vacation. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I am thoroughly enjoying all the relaxing (and eating!) we’ve been doing. While I’m off enjoying the sun and boat, I wanted to share about Jenn’s birthday! Jenn is one of my closest cousins, and she was turning the big 3-0! My aunt Marsie (whose party we had last weekend!) threw her a {Read More}

A 50th Birthday Extravaganza

Hey, everyone, how are you today? I am thoroughly exhausted from a pretty packed weekend full of family! Friday was spent at my monthly Dr. appointment, meeting with a friend, Bridget stopping over, seeing Emily’s new house, and relaxing on the couch! Whew. We had Domino’s pizza for dinner and it did not disappoint! Aaron put in a ceiling fan in our room, too, which has been amazing. Saturday began with a flea market where I found a few things {Read More}