Fitness Goals: June

Keep yourself on track this summer by setting fitness goals to work toward. Here’s a look into 5 simple, yet effective fitness goals for the month. Hey hey! How are you all today? Did you get out for a run yesterday for Global Running Day? Annabelle and I did.. but it wasn’t pretty. I had a genius idea to go after her afternoon nap to the park where it’s flat and run. Great plan, but the 90 degrees and PURE {Read More}

May Fitness Goals: Revisited

With the month of May behind us and June in full force, it’s time to take a look back at my monthly goals. I truthfully don’t know how the month passed so quickly, but I will be honest and say I didn’t work on these goals enough. I need to get better at working on them daily instead of just weekly or so. But regardless! Here’s a look back at my May Fitness Goals: Drink. water. –Definitely still a work {Read More}

May Fitness Goals

I started goals in March and then didn’t do April. My track record is looking real great right now! I’m bringing it back for May. I felt like I really followed through in March, so let’s see if I can keep it up! May Fitness Goals: Drink. water. – I have no idea why but this has been so hard for me lately! I know I don’t feel my best, either, because of it. I need to drink at least {Read More}

March Fitness Goals Check in

I cannot believe March is just about over. Only a few days and we’re already into April! I am really hoping that winter is gone and we have moved into spring. I know snow can come in April, but I won’t complain if we skip right on into the nice weather! Since it is the end of the month, I thought it’d be a great time to check in with the fitness goals I set for March. March Fitness Goals March {Read More}

Things Pregnancy taught me about fitness + My Postpartum Fitness Plans

Hey guys. Today’s topic is one I’ve been dreaming about writing since I had to stop running. I know many say you shouldn’t focus on getting back to pre-pregnancy after having your baby, and I do agree to a point. I agree that it shouldn’t be all physical. But to me, working out and pushing myself makes me feel like myself. That’s the part I’ve missed the past few months.  It wasn’t that I gained weight, or don’t look the {Read More}