Starbucks, a Fast Week, and Crockpot Meal cooking

Sorry about the late post! Yesterday was just one of those days. I came home from work completely exhausted, and thus, miserable, since I was up so early (and couldn’t get back to sleep). Thankfully, a good night sleep last night was just what I needed! 1. This week went by surprisingly fast! I’m not complaining. I love when the weeks go by quickly these days. Just means we’re closer to meeting our little one! 2. The weather has been {Read More}

Five Things Friday 9/17/15

Wahoo, we made it to Friday! This week went by pretty quickly for me, and I’m certainly not complaining. 1. Cancer. It’s a word we all hate to hear. It’s even worse when it’s someone in your family and there’s not much to do for them. Add in that it was supposed to be treatable and it’s spread and things just don’t seem fair. I’ve woken up every morning since hearing the news praying it was a nightmare. Thankfully, I {Read More}

Five Things Friday 8/14/15

We made it to Friday! Wahoo!! This has felt like the longest week, ever! I worked on Monday as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it just made the week drag. I kept thinking I was one day ahead, and then come Thursday I wasn’t expecting to work, haha!  Let’s end it on a great note with some Five Things Friday! 1. I’ve had a craving for cold, refreshing food for a while. I couldn’t pinpoint it, though, which {Read More}

Five Things Friday: July 17

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet! I’m off to teach Bodysculpting before tackling some laundry and packing! 1. I am heading to a surprise birthday party tonight and it’s sure to be a good time! I thought for sure it would slip before hand but so far, so good! 2. We leave for vacation tomorrow! Are you sick of hearing about it?! I just can’t wait. I mean, sun, water, boat, family. Ahhh I am going to {Read More}

Five Things Friday with a Giveaway!

I feel like I’ve gotten the days wrong every single day this week! Thankfully, today is Friday and that’s always a day I’m happy to see. Let’s get right to some five things Friday! 1. I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s unreal how much better that made me feel, ha! I was having one of ode low self esteem days on Wednesday, and I figured it was partly due to my ridiculously long and straggly hair. I really like {Read More}

Five Things Friday 4/17/15

Hi everyone! We finally made it to Friday. Did it feel like the longest week to any of you? Considering I woke up Tuesday thinking it was Friday, it’s been a lonnnggg one! Let’s get back to 5 Things Friday! 1. I mentioned yesterday we are finding out if we’re having a boy or girl May 14, and we’re also having a Gender Reveal party that weekend! I’ve been scouring Pinterest all week and making lists of what I want {Read More}

An Unexpected day off

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying warm! I actually had the day off yesterday. They called it off super early Wednesday night due to cold temperatures. I wasn’t very happy about it. I would have rather had today off instead! Now we have to make it up, but oh well. I spent the day with my mom instead which was just fine with me! Here are some 5 things Friday! 1, If you follow me on Instagram, you probably {Read More}

Five Things Friday: 2/13/15

Hi everyone! Friday is here which means the weekend is SO soon! I am really excited for this weekend. After having a busy (but so fun!) weekend last weekend, and Aaron only coming home on Saturday, a weekend of no plans sounds AMAZING to me! That’s exactly what’s on the agenda. In fact, we both said we were “busy” for any plans that came up 😉 haha Here are some other randoms for your Friday.. 1. I have been trying {Read More}