A 1st Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! How are you today? Ready for another week? One week closer to summer and being able to stay outside without freezing, which happened to be what we did this weekend. Friday: After work, our friends Emily and Mike came over for dinner. I didn’t snap pictures, but Annabelle loved hanging out with them, and was in a great mood! We enjoyed some Cheese Steaks, French fries, and a salad. After Annabelle went to bed, we relaxed on the {Read More}

Two Bridal Showers: One Day

My weekend was full of love! I had two bridal showers to attend for two of my best friends! It was truly an amazing weekend! Emily’s Bridal Shower: Emily and I have been friends for many years. What started as a complete coincidence of having the same friend, became a life long friendship. She’s lived in Virginia and Florida, and most recently moved back to Pittsburgh, but our friendship continued. We may not talk every day, or get together every {Read More}

A Blend, A milkshake, and a 9 mile run

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Ours wasn’t too busy, but still pretty nice. I went to my friend, Jenna’s, house on Friday, where we watched Pitch Perfect (SO good!), ate copious amounts of taco dip, and caught up with each other. It was so much fun, but I forgot to take any pictures. Saturday morning I woke up early and just started cleaning. Gosh, I was on a roll and just went for all the closets and {Read More}

Feeling a little stir crazy

You guys, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, staring at yet more snow outside. I can’t take much more! I have been off school since Thursday. Yep, no school Thursday, or Friday. Then add in a weekend without many plans, and I’ve basically been super cooped up and ready to go CRAZY! Not to mention, I didn’t think we’d have Thursday off, so I didn’t even bring work home on Wednesday! ha #TeacherFail Oops! I keep thinking spring might be coming, but {Read More}

A sentence a picture: Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! This weekend was beyond productive. I discussed it on Friday, but I had thoughts of painting our room, and baking lots. I am happy to say I finished both, but it currently has left me exhausted! I am finally sitting down (it’s Sunday night when I’m writing this) after being on my feet painting since 9 am. Let’s back up and share a sentence per picture. No girl’s night is complete without wine. Woke up to a winter {Read More}

Thanksgiving 2014

Edited to add: I put 2015 ! haha Oops, totally 2014 Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your weekend. My week has been nothing short of packed. I was going to get a post up yesterday to recap, but I just didn’t have any desire to be behind the computer, and figured that would shine through in the post, so today is the day. Little recap from the week.. I worked Monday- Wednesday, and immediately went {Read More}

Firecracker Workout

Good morning! Let’s recap yesterday, shall we? Workout: I started the morning off with a 2 mile run. I love teaching my classes, but I hate that I wait around until 5:30 at night to do so. Starting the day off with a run was perfect. It was very humid outside, so I just hopped on the treadmill. After a not so great breakfast of cereal, I was off for a day of errands. First up: Walmart. When we go {Read More}

Seven Springs Weekend Getaway

As I mentioned last week, we headed out to the mountains for a little getaway with our friends. We didn’t have major plans for the weekend, but just relax and escape the reality of our everyday lives. Just a few days of not worrying about the to do list at home. We all need those, right? We left early Saturday morning and carpooled with two of our friends, Justin and Becky. The ride was going great, until I forgot to {Read More}