Put a little spring in your step full body workout

Well hi there everyone! I’m excited to share today’s workout with you! Lately, since the weather has been nice, I’ve been trying to get outside for at least a walk every day. It’s so good for not only me, but for Annabelle too. We were both going stir crazy cooped up inside! However, I really love pairing walks with a strength workout. So, yes, while I may get out for a walk daily, I aim to at least get a {Read More}

Work It All 30 Minute Full Body Workout

You guys, yesterday was a day. I had grand plans to finish some returns, look for a storage option under our TV, and enjoy a slower day popping into stores here and there. What I didn’t expect was to not find the receipt for such returns which was a huge disappointment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has bought more than they wanted “just in case” with grand plans to return what doesn’t work. Well, that was my {Read More}

Challenge Your Body Full Body Workout

Let’s recap this week’s workouts! Sunday: 30 minute elliptical Monday: None. I worked and then didn’t feel up to it when I got home. Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical Wednesday: Workout below! Thursday: 35 minute walk outside with Aaron. It was a beautiful night! We went up some steep hills, which was a struggle for me, but I made it huffing and puffing the whole way! Friday: Taught Bodysculpting Saturday: Rest day This week included some light cardio and some lifting. {Read More}

Full Body Burner + Workouts from last week

I’m going to start recapping workouts from Sunday-Saturday. I can’t remember why exactly I switched to doing Tuesday- Monday, but I view the week from Sunday- Saturday so I’m sure that will be easier! That way I can really keep track of what I get to and what I should add the next week. We’ll start with this and then I’ll share a full body burner for you today! It’s a good one! Workouts for the week of July 5- {Read More}

Total Body Strength Workout

Yesterday was my last day of work. I was sad to leave the people who I’ve spent the past numerous months with, but I’m ready for summer. I also met with the same couple for another interview to be their nanny. I think it will be a good fit for both of us so I’m hopeful that might work out! I should know in a day or two! Besides that, my plans for today include laying on the couch, ha. {Read More}

Take it Outside Full Body Strength Workout

You guys, I’m back! I have a new full body workout for you. A couple weeks ago, we had a gorgeous day outside, and I wasn’t teaching at night. There was no way I was going to go to the basement to workout when I could go outside. I grabbed my yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells, and went outside! I loved this workout. The squats and walking lunges keep your heart rate up, and the upper body moves exhaust {Read More}

Reps and Sets + {Work It} Full Body Workout

When you begin a workout program, or just attempt a new workout, you are faced with choosing weights and choosing how many reps to do, with how many sets. This can be confusing to people as to what to choose. I want to break it down for you and go over what it means with higher reps, or lower reps. It really isn’t as complicated as some think, so don’t get discouraged! Reps: Reps are the repetitions, or how many {Read More}

Types of Cardio Workouts + Full Body {Workout}

We’ve all heard of cardio and most of us do it either daily, or multiple times a week. We know there is HIIT also, but what else is there when it comes to cardio? Is there more that might help us out with our workouts? Continuous or steady state Training: basically this means you have an increase in intensity then remain at a steady state and then decrease. I like to think of this as staying on the same speed {Read More}