My Minted Purchases and a $150 Minted Giveaway!

Minted has caught my eye for years. I love going on and dreaming of the cards to send out for holidays, and loved looking at the baby announcements when Annabelle was born! We, sadly, didn’t send any out, so I didn’t have a chance to buy any. I was more than excited when I was offered a chance to find some pieces for Annabelle’s nursery, and offer a giveaway! The neat thing about this website is that everything is made {Read More}

Five Friday Favorites + a Giveaway!

Hey Guys! Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? Here’s a look at some of my most recent favorites! Keep reading for a giveaway! This bible verse The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. Deut. 31:8 This verse got me through the weeks without Aaron. I am not one to memorize verses, but I memorized this one and {Read More}

Ways to stay active this winter

Before I begin, I never heard from the winner of the last Smarty Pants Vitamin Giveaway. The new winner is Anne Raye-Wittiker. Congrats and please email me by Thursday night at fitncookies (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks! Winter is approaching, or maybe it has begun where you live. We’re still riding the 40s and 50s train, with 60s this weekend! This is the time of year when excuses pop up,though, to get workouts in, like it’s too dark and cold {Read More}

Staying Healthy On The Go + Giveaway

Now that I have Annabelle, I have to make sure I’m prepared before I can think about getting her ready to leave the house. Gone are the days where I could just run upstairs and grab something I forgot, or have hands to carry everything! These days, the diaper bag needs to be packed (or purse before child), extra outfits need to be had, and I need to make sure I have my things too! With the holiday season arriving, {Read More}

How I Plan to Keep Annabelle Healthy + Giveaway

With flu season coming up, it’s hard enough to keep ourselves healthy. It’s one thing if we get sick,  but it’s another to have a baby who is completely dependent on you and that you now have to worry about getting sick. Let’s just say I am really trying hard to make sure Annabelle stays healthy during this flu season! Here are some ways I’m doing that now and what I’ll do in the future for her, too. Get the {Read More}

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy + Giveaway

Prior to getting pregnant, I tried to stay my healthiest, but if I got sick, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Once I became pregnant, knowing there weren’t many medications I could take if I did get sick, I made sure I was doing everything I could to stay healthy. They definitely weren’t anything major, but little things I knew that could help my body prepare for this little one. 1. Stay active Whether this is running, teaching fitness classes, {Read More}

Five Things Friday with a Giveaway!

I feel like I’ve gotten the days wrong every single day this week! Thankfully, today is Friday and that’s always a day I’m happy to see. Let’s get right to some five things Friday! 1. I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s unreal how much better that made me feel, ha! I was having one of ode low self esteem days on Wednesday, and I figured it was partly due to my ridiculously long and straggly hair. I really like {Read More}

2 Year Blogiversary + Pittsburgh Marathon Giveaway

Well look at that. Somehow, two years has flown by in the blink of an eye! I cannot believe it’s been two years (actually, yesterday) since I started my first post. I honestly didn’t know what blogging would bring to me. I read a few blogs before I started mine, but took the leap when I wanted to start sharing fitness tips, living a healthy lifestyle, and sharing my workouts. I’ve been more than blessed with all that I have {Read More}