Tummy Toning after Baby {Guest Post}

I’m thrilled to have Stephanie guest post today. She is the owner of Purple Laurel, which is all about helping your belly get back after having a baby. Today she’s talking about Tummy Toning after Baby. ***** Tummy Toning after Baby Life changes forever after a baby is born, and many of the physical changes that happen during pregnancy—like rounder tummies and wider hips—don’t always go away on their own after you’ve given birth. After the birth of my first {Read More}

Let’s have some coffee and chat

Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee tea. I’m in the mood to chat today. If we were having tea, I’d tell you how I hope fall weather sticks around. I’m not ready for winter, and the past few years have had about a week of fall and then straight winter. I’d tell you that I don’t mind the 70s, or high 60s, as they are perfect days to me. However, I’d also express how sad I {Read More}

Just call me Mrs. Fix It and Push Yourself {Workout}

Hey there, everyone. I hope you had a great weekend, if yours was extended with yesterday off, or just had a great Monday. I wasn’t planning to post about my weekend as not much happened, but then I got on a roll! When I took the summer off, I had a to-do list for myself. It could have included Aaron if he wanted to help me, but I was determined to get things done. Well, the summer ended and I {Read More}

{Guest Post} Peanut Butter Protein Bites [Recipe]

Today’s guest post features a recipe! I know all you peanut butter lovers will love it! Thanks, Katie, for sharing! Hi there Fit ‘n’ Cookies readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at Daily Cup of Kate where I write about food, fitness, and finding balance and happiness by taking life one cup of coffee at a time. I live in Madison, WI with my fiancé and pup and am currently planning a big fat party (AKA a {Read More}

{Guest Post} Finding a Training Program is like Finding the Perfect Jeans

Here is another fantastic guest post for you all today! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks again, Susie! Hello, hello, all of Heather’s lovely readers! For those of you who do not know me, I am Susie, and I spread glad tidings of warmth and nonsense over at Suzlyfe.com. I adore Heather’s blog–unlike myself, she actually offers informative advice as well as a covet-worthy lifestyle and maybe the best domestic skills ever. (I dream big {Read More}

{Guest Post} Why You Should Rotate Your Shoes

A huge thanks to Tina on this fantastic post! I have only now started to do this! Hello! I’m Tina, and I am honored that Heather has selected me for a guest post here on Fit’n’Cookies. I am very jealous that she is Virginia Beach, what a wonderful place to vacation! I am hoping I can keep your attention for just a few minutes as I go over the importance of rotating your shoes. For those of you who do {Read More}

{Guest Post} How to Choose the Perfect Gym

Hey everyone! My name is Stacie from SimplySouthernStacie. I’m so excited to be able to share this guest post with you today while Heather is off having fun on vacation. Heather’s blog was one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging back in October (almost a year now –where has the time gone?), so I was so honored when she asked me to write a guest blog for her today (editor’s note: she’s fabulous; make sure you {Read More}

Share Your Expertise {Blog Swap}

My name is Jillian and I blog over at FitYaf. I’m so excited to be blog swapping with Heather as part of the #Elf4Health Challenge. If you haven’t read Heather’s post yet – read it first! It will help you set yourself a workout schedule. Then, come back here to read these tips for sticking with your schedule! I’m a group fitness instructor, so people often tell me “it’s so easy for you to stick to your workout schedule – {Read More}