Lower Body Burn

Sometimes, we need a workout that gets the job done, but yet isn’t too time consuming. We know I’m all about that these days, but some short workouts just don’t pack in the punch for me. I want to make sure I’m working hard during those workouts, not hardly working. Last week, I wanted a workout that did just that, but was specifically for legs. I think I’ve done this 4 times already since I made it up last week, {Read More}

Tabata Leg Workout

I love Tuesdays because it’s the day I share my favorite workouts with you. I used this workout last Wednesday, and I was still sore for my 6 mile run on Saturday. Now it’s YOUR chance to be that sore this week! I don’t work my legs enough, mostly because I find it time consuming and boring. Last week, I decided I wanted to add in the “Tabata” style into my workout. In case you aren’t familiar with this, it’s {Read More}

New Workout! Leg Challenge

Hi everyone! I am fairly busy this week (seriously, I had to sit down to think about what was going on this week it is so busy!) but I have a great workout for you today! I always feel like the week before a vacation is so stressful! Does anyone else? I totally forgot to add into my calendar that I need to find time to pack! Add in hair trial, make up trial, car inspection, job interview today (wish {Read More}

Miles Against Melanoma and a Leg Workout

Last Saturday (like, as in June 15! seriously where did time go?!) I ran the Miles against Melanoma race. My mom and I decided to run it, kind of last minute. I knew I wanted to run it for a long time,  but we just kept forgetting to register. Literally, registered a half hour before it closed!   The race began at 9, so we left our house a little after 8. We knew we had to get our bag, {Read More}