Lower Body Focus {Workout}

Ready to make those legs shake? Get the quads burning? Today’s workout is a lower body focus and will do just that! Hi guys! How are you today? Having a good start to the week? Lately I’ve been really concentrating on either cardio or strength in my workouts. I’ve honestly found myself sweating more with strength workouts than I ever thought was possible. I’ve increased those weights and really pushed myself. Take yesterday, for example. Emily was over during a {Read More}

Get In, Get Out, Get Moving {Workout}

This get in, get out, get going workout is created so you can target it all and move on with your day. It’s up to you whether you choose to make it a half hour, or an hour!  **************** Well hi everyone! I took a bit of a break yesterday. Truth is, our weekend was more on the challenging side and any free time I had, I basically sat on the couch. Yesterday, though, my old neighbors (basically second family) {Read More}

Lower Body Burn Workout

I haven’t recapped my workouts in a little while, so I thought today I wanted to check in on last week’s workouts! Sunday: Rest day. We went out in the boat and I didn’t get around to a workout. Monday: 21 Day Fix Upper Body Fix. I do have to really modify the upper fix, which I forgot about. A lot is done on your back and I can’t lay on my back, soo there goes that, haha. I modify {Read More}

The Lunge Burner Workout

Good morning! Hope your Monday was a good one. Let’s get right to it today! Last week was a good week of workouts! Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt. We did a lot of cardio and I was dead after! It felt great. We did 4 circuits of 3 cardio moves for 45 seconds, repeated once, followed by a Tabata strength workout, before moving on. Let me know if you’d like me to type it up! I’d be happy to share. Wednesday: After {Read More}

Lower Body, Upper Body Circuit

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Hope it’s been a great one so far. I’m trying to get back intro the groove of both school and being home from Chicago. I can’t wait to recap it all, so stay tuned! Today I wanted to share a lower body, upper body circuit I did last week and loved. It pushes you just enough for your lower body, and then it switches to work your upper body. By the end of the two rounds, I {Read More}

All About Them Legs {Lower Body} Workout

A lower body workout that will leave your legs shaking and your glutes feeling it! Like I mentioned yesterday, I am not going to be posting on Sundays, which is when I always posted my workouts from the week. I love doing that and have found myself looking at them numerous times to see what I have been up to and when I switch things up. I am going to try posting them today, along with a new workout, so {Read More}

Holiday Traditions and a Lower Body Workout

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The countdown is seriously on until the Christmas holidays, but more the break I have! Until then, I am filling my time doing festive and fun things. I’m already starting to look up new cookie recipes to try out for Christmas, so if you have any, send them my way I love trying new ones around Christmas time! Last year, I came home from work one day, and baked 9 kinds of cookies! There was no plan {Read More}

The Brownie Lady

I’m getting ready to head out the door so this post will be mainly pictures! I just finished Danica’s Lower body workout, and man do my legs burn! I hate doing legs, like so bad. But, I need to start doing more lower body workouts! It felt great to get a good sweat on! I refueled with a fruit packed green smoothie! Totally hit the spot, and gave me energy to start our “grown up” day of furniture shopping! I {Read More}