Meals and Fitness: Week 3 training

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I am off to teach class and then get to Madison’s Baptism! It’ll  be a fun day full of family which I am excited about. Here’s a look at my meals for the week. Sunday: Family party back at Jenn’s after the baptism. Monday: We never got around to making the Chicken Parm in the crockpot last week, so I’m going for it today! Tuesday: Fettucine Alfredo. Again, we ended up {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 8/24/14

Well hey there. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I’m filling my day with some church, teaching a class, gearing up for the week, and making some snacks for Aaron and his friends for their Fantasy Football Draft tonight. Sunday: Chicken and sweet potato fries. Monday: Breakfast for dinner Tuesday: Life Group Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Casserole Thursday: Dinner at my parents Friday: Out for Shelby’s Birthday Saturday: Dinner with friends Sunday: Insane Cardio Monday: Taught BodySculpt. Oh my word, {Read More}

Crockpot recipes for the week

After mentioning I haven’t been doing so well with our dinners as of late, I took the time to really crack down and make a meal plan. It looks delicious and I’m very excited about it! Sunday: Having both our families over for a cookout- Hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, fruit, pasta salad, and potato salad. Monday: Pizza Casserole– It doesn’t really taste like pizza, but just as a pasta dish that is made in the crock pot. Tuesday: Life {Read More}

New Workout Schedule

It’s no secret that I love to work out, and that I do it 6 days a week. Some weeks I only do 5 workouts, and that’s fine! Since I began teaching, I have switched up what I do and when I do it, so I thought it’d be interesting to see my new workout schedule. Sunday: Teach Insanity class. It’s only 45 minutes but we make those minutes count and it is intense. Monday: Teach Body sculpt. I definitely {Read More}

Workouts after vacation

It’s safe to say I came back in full force from vacation. We ate healthy, and I worked out a lot. I felt great all week, too, but knew when to take a rest, also. Here’s my meal plan for this week: Sunday: Cookout at my uncles Monday: Fiesta Chicken Tuesday: Spaghetti Wednesday: Hamburgers Thursday and Friday: Leftovers/eat whatever remains in the house Saturday: Vacation!! We are very fortunate to be heading on vacation with my mom’s side of the {Read More}

What we plan for Deep Creek

As some of you know, Deep Creek Lake is my favorite vacation. We have so many family members, and we love hanging out. Part of the reason I love this vacation so much is because we have home cooked meals every single night! Each night, a different family takes over for dinner. We plan it out, and we know what each person is having. That day, they do the shopping and cooking, and the rest of us enjoy! This is {Read More}

Food and Fitness: The week before vacation

The week before vacation is always a “eat everything up” kind of week, right? We plan to make the most of the food in the freezer before we leave on Saturday! Sunday: Dinner at parents Monday: Crab Alfredo Tuesday: Flatbread pizza Wednesday: Salsa chicken Thursday: Pulled Pork leftovers Friday: Fourth of July Party Saturday: Vacation!!   Fitness: Sunday: Rest day, as usual. Monday: Taught Body Sculpt. I incorporated a bit more cardio into it, and everyone seemed to love it! {Read More}

Meals and Fitness: New running shoes!

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend; soak in the remaining time! I’m checking in to share my workouts from last week and my dinner menu for this week! Sunday: Wedding Monday: Chicken Parm (Aaron out) Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Casserole Wednesday: Burgers and Mac and Cheese Thursday: I’m out- Aaron will eat Chicken Parm leftovers Friday: Fettucine Alfredo Saturday: Flatbread Pizza (The above meals don’t include a veggie and fruit. That just depends what we have and feel like {Read More}