{Wanted} Dinners

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has been as great as ours. I’ve been struggling with coming up with new ideas for food. During the winter, I used the crockpot so much, and loved warm soups and meals. However, when it’s nice out, I feel like the food I crave is different! What dinners do you make now? Anyone have links to new dinner ideas? I could use them! Here’s what our week looks like now: Sunday: Burgers and sweet potato {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 4/13/14

Sunday: Meatball Subs, Japanese Coleslaw Monday: Tilapia with broccoli Tuesday: Taco Salads Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, broccoli Thursday: Tacos and zucchini Friday: Pasta Saturday: Leftovers/out   Fitness for the week: Sunday: Rest Day Monday: Booty Boom, spent time on the elliptical, and the workout finisher Tuesday: 5.4 Mile Run and Tone It Up Abs Wednesday: Bootcamp Blast, Yoga, walking on the treadmill, running with run club for kids at work, dodgeball, and a short run with Aaron after {Read More}

Food and Fitness 4/6/14

Sunday: Ham and Cheese wraps Monday: Meatball subs Tuesday: Fettuccine Alfredo Wednesday: Pizza Flatbreads (something light before Dodgeball) Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner (Something light before our Life Group meeting where there will be some light snacks) Friday: Fiesta Chicken Saturday: Light dinner as I am having game night with plenty of food!   Fitness Front   Question for you… Do you guys like seeing my workouts from last week? Would you rather see my schedule for this week? I do {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 3/16/14; Working out while Sick

Well let’s just say last week was a wash out with food and fitness. I mentioned I had a sore throat last weekend, and was hoping that was it, but not the case. I ended up getting sicker than I’ve been in months, probably years. And last week was not the week to be sick! (More on that tomorrow!). I’m hopeful this week will be better! Sunday: Today is a crazy day. We are heading to my parents to work {Read More}

Food and Fitness 3/9/14

Hi everyone! Just popping in quick to share my food for this week and last week’s workouts! Sunday– Leftovers Monday– Perhaps Breakfast for dinner? Maybe Macaroni and Cheese. Tuesday– Frozen Chicken Teriyaki on Wraps Wednesday– Spaghetti and Meatballs Thursday– Mini Pizza Friday– Chicken Wraps Saturday– Out to dinner   Last Week’s Fitness! Monday– 3.3 mile run and a made up on the spot Upper Body workout but it was a good one! Upper Body made up workout Tuesday– 4.45 Miles {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 3/2/14

Hello everyone! Hope you are all safe and not expecting a ton of snow like we are. Could be a rough morning around here tomorrow! Anyway, let’s get to it! Before I get started, I wanted to share some meals from last week so you can see a bit of what they usually look like! Back to this week’s meal plan! Sunday: Chicken Wraps Monday: Tilapia and Crab Meat Tuesday: Tortilla Soup (frozen so easy to defrost!) Wednesday: Chicken Patty’s {Read More}

Food and Fitness 2/23/14

Need ideas on how to prep your food for a week of healthy eats? Check this post out! After last week’s fantastic meals, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with a good meal plan! I’m hoping this one is another good one! Sunday: Burgers and Fries. We had burgers a few weeks ago and they were so good. Since then I’ve been craving another, which is not something I ever crave! Monday: Chicken Parm with some {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 2/16/14

Hello and happy Sunday! Hoping everyone has dug themselves out of the snow. We are actually going to be getting into the 40s this week. HEAT WAVE! Funny when you think that’s a heat wave… P.S. I may not be friends to you in the summer if you complain about the heat lol   I have figured something out lately. When it comes to Friday, I don’t want to cook. It ends up that we find something to eat on {Read More}