A Trip to the Park and a Redesign

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have fun plans for the weekend? We’re really hoping to get out on the boat! It’s been gorgeous all week, and even yesterday when they called for an all day rain. I was glad they were wrong as it was my day off   Last night we headed to the park and had Bridget meet us there. Safe to say Annabelle loved it and we had fun getting out of the house on a gorgeous {Read More}

Chipotle, The Park, and family time

After having quite a long break without Aaron, it was so nice to have him home. To not be on “mom” duty all the time was a relief. Let’s be real- being able to go to the bathroom without her crying for leaving her was quite a treat, ha! Aaron and I both had off Thursday and, you guys, she was ridiculously happy to see Aaron. It was the cutest thing! She spent all of Thursday just smiling away at {Read More}

I’m teaching Yoga.. what?!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to fill you in on my life. 1. This week has been quite different from what I’m used to. I’ve become so accustomed to being go-go-go that I wasn’t really ready to stop! It’s been crazy just going with the flow throughout the day and checking things off the to- do list. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t feel normal yet. 2. Aaron has off today as part of his every {Read More}

Fun In The Park and a WORKOUT!

On Sunday, I made Aaron head to the park with me. I was feeling a bit lazy and wanted to get in a short run. I thought it would be perfect to have Aaron join me and then head to Rita’s Italian Ice after! It was a really warm day, and nothing quite tastes better than Rita’s!  I proposed my idea to Aaron, and he accepted. Aaron doesn’t like to work out, much less run. How I was able to {Read More}

Not how we planned it

Hi everyone! I’m managing to check in a bit earlier today! The little one is asleep, and the older ones are playing some Wii! It’s 2:00 but I am only now managing to eat my lunch! Lunchtime is busy with three of them and left little time I believe the time change has reached all three of them. First, though, it started with me. Before my cousin left last night, we decided not to switch the clocks in the kids {Read More}