Starbucks, a Fast Week, and Crockpot Meal cooking

Sorry about the late post! Yesterday was just one of those days. I came home from work completely exhausted, and thus, miserable, since I was up so early (and couldn’t get back to sleep). Thankfully, a good night sleep last night was just what I needed! 1. This week went by surprisingly fast! I’m not complaining. I love when the weeks go by quickly these days. Just means we’re closer to meeting our little one! 2. The weather has been {Read More}

Pin It Party!

Happy Friday, all. Hope today finds you all in a great mood and with some fun weekend plans. Pin It Party on Pinterest Today, I’m going to link up with Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean for her Pin It Party! I love connecting with other bloggers, and obviously pinning all things! The rules are simple. Round up 5 posts you want to see on Pinterest {Follow me!}  with a little excerpt of the post, link up with her, {Read More}

What I’m Pinning Lately

We all love Pinterest as it’s the best place to gather future ideas. I won’t lie; so many things I post I know I will never do, or never make. It’s fun to dream, right? Just as I love to Pin unrealistic dreams, I love to Pin things that I can use in the future, or ideas I can stem off of.   With that in mind, here are some of my favorite Pins as of lately! The link under {Read More}

Pin It Party #4

I love when Lindsay has these Pinterest parties. It gives me a time to look back and see what I’ve been writing about, and what some of my favorite posts are. I have found numerous that I need to put a picture on that would be perfect for Pinterest, and some that just needed cleaned up a bit. I even found some I haven’t pinned myself! Here’s a look at 5 posts that I would love to see on Pinterest! {Read More}

Five Things Friday: Remembering the Heat Wave of 2012

We made it to Friday 🙂 I act like it’s a big accomplishment, but remember, we shouldn’t let our days just slip by. We need to make the most out of all of them! 1. How’s everyone liking the time change? I was actually so happy last Friday when I was done working out and the sun was up, and now it’s back to being dark in the mornings. However, it being light later at night?! I love it! Seriously, {Read More}

One of my favorite websites

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of all of our favorite websites Pinterest? It’s the one we love to hate. The one we get lost on for hours on end when we go on. The one where we plan for our future kids, future weddings, homes we will never live in, places we will never go. I know it is one of my favorites. I get recipe ideas, DIY ideas, and workout ideas. But, sometimes, it just makes {Read More}

Pin It Party #3

I’m so glad so many of you want to participate in my Simple Tasks to a more Organized Life! I would love to see progress you are making, so be sure to link back to me if you write about it! I am going to check in once a week on how things are going. I’m not exactly sure what day, but one day will be how well (or how bad!) I am doing at becoming more organized! *********************** Every {Read More}

Holiday Decorating Inspiration

WIth over 24,000 pins, it’s no secret that I’m pretty much addicted to Pinterest (follow me!) I have ideas for everything, with boards ranging for every holiday, different meal ideas, fitness, and home décor. One of my favorite areas to go to these days is Holidays and Events. I know I can always find cute ideas to decorate my house, many of them that can be made on the cheaper side when you do it yourself.  Here are some of {Read More}