Pittsburgh Marathon Expo + 5k 2016

After work on Friday, we headed down to the Expo which is held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Bib pick up was a breeze and we meandered through the aisles. We sampled some Southern Tier beer, French Toast, Chobani, and About Time pancakes. Can you tell I’m a fan of samples? haha I didn’t buy anything, but we had a great time walking around. My favorite onesie ever! Saturday morning was the 5k! While Aaron and Annabelle were {Read More}

Pittsburgh Marathon 5k… Almost Time

Come Sunday, I know I will be extremely jealous of all the runners. I know my heart will be with them as they run through the Strip, across the bridge, past the stadiums, into West End, through Station Square and South Side, up the Boulevard and crossing that finish line. Sadly, this just isn’t my year. I decided I would do the 5k back in January, and while at the time I thought I’d be regretting it, I can 100% {Read More}

Training for a race

The Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend includes a 5k, half, and full marathon, and the relay. While I hope to get back out there for the half next year, this year I’m sticking to the 5k. I know I can run a 5k, but I want to try to PR in this one. Honestly, I don’t know my 5k time, so anything will be a PR but I want to kick butt at it As in any race, you need to have {Read More}

Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend 2016

I mentioned in my Friday Favorites last week how excited I was to be chosen to be apart of the Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend activities. I’m one of the official bloggers, and can’t wait to share more about the events. Today, though, I wanted to talk about what race I decided to do! Last year, I did the half marathon, and it became even more special when I found out I was expecting. Annabelle has run a half marathon without even {Read More}

Pittsburgh Marathon Expo and Pros/Cons of the Race

I was invited to a few events as part of the official blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon. One happened to be the week before the event, at Panera in Robinson. We were gifted a generous gift card for Panera Bread (official sponsor) as well as other bloggers to meet up with and chat. It was a fun time ! The other event was the Thursday before the race. This was at Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District. This included not {Read More}

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Whew, where to even begin! First, thank you all for your comments yesterday! I read every single one of them! I have plenty to share about things before the race (along with my weekend that was quite a fun one!) so they’ll be more to talk about this week, for sure! Today, though, I want to talk about my race in general! Grab a cup of coffee, this is a long one! Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap: I spent Saturday {Read More}

My thoughts and goals going into the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

If you’ve read my blog for more than a day, you know I love Pittsburgh. I have grown up here my entire life, and leaving was never an option. Even having job opportunities out of state, I would never leave. The Pittsburgh Marathon showcases all that Pittsburgh has to offer. There are three rivers, countless bridges, an amazing skyline, inclines, waterfront shopping and dining, three amazing sports facilities, and endless amounts of things to do. One of my favorite things {Read More}

My changing schedule, again + Half marathon training week 5

It’s no secret I’m a morning exerciser. When I first started teaching classes, waiting around until 5:30 Mondays and 6:30 Wednesdays was rough. I always made it work, and loved teaching once I was there,  but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was hard. My energy is in the morning. My desire to work out is in the morning. By the end of the day, I’m tired and just want to stay home. Fast forward to January and {Read More}