Baby Brown 40 Weeks: A letter to my little one

So here we are. It’s Annabelle’s Due date and she doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo! While I’m definitely nervous about labor and delivery, and have wondered if I can do it a few times now, I’m just so anxious to meet her. Sometimes when I feel the kicks, a rush of emotion comes over me that I’m going to be a mom  soon, and I’ll have a daughter. I thought I’d switch up the usual weekly summary today {Read More}

Baby Brown 39 Weeks: The Delivery Room

Thank you all for the prayers and support on my dad’s surgery! The surgery went well and he is recovering in the hospital until tomorrow, hopefully. He was up walking yesterday, but due to the nerves being traumatized, he was in quite a bit of pain, though it got better as the day went on! He knows things will get better, and he’s in great spirits and talkative, so that’s all we can hope for! Of course.. he wants his {Read More}

Baby Brown 38 Weeks: Hospital Bag

Whew, how’d we make it to 38 weeks? I won’t lie- I kind of thought she’d be here early. There’s still time, but I’m not sure if she’ll come early or not anymore. I had my 38 week appointment on Monday and everything looks good. Lost a pound or two, but that’s common at this point. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so who knows what that really means, haha. You can go into labor and be further {Read More}

36 Weeks: A little scare

Gosh, it’s crazy that there is less than 30 days until my due date. I’m hoping and praying I won’t go past it, but I swear I was just 30 weeks! I’m not complaining that we get to meet our little girl pretty soon! HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She weighs almost 6  lbs and is about 18 1/2 inches long She’s about the size of a head of romaine lettuce She’s head down {Read More}

Baby Brown 34 Weeks: The hospital bag

HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She weighs about 4 3/4 lbs and is about 19 inches long (she feels heavier!) She’s about the size of a cantaloupe! Her fat layers are filling out, which will help regulate body temperature Her lungs are developing If she was born now, she’d survive just fine, but may need a few days in the nursery to be monitored. AND HERE’S WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING WITH ME THIS PAST WEEK: {Read More}

Baby Brown 31 Weeks: The Waiting Game

Here we are! Less than 9 weeks left. Well, I hope there’s less than 9 weeks. I’m hoping not to be induced at all,  but I also don’t want to go 10 days late HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s the size of a pineapple She weighs in at 3 1/3 lbs and over 16 inches long She can move her head side to side She’s going to be going through a growth spurt shortly {Read More}

Baby Brown 30 Weeks: Baby Classes

HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She weighs about 3 lbs. Annabelle’s brain is growing even larger Her eyesight is continuing to improve but it won’t be great for a little while after birth She’s the size of a small cabbage The lunago is beginning to disappear. This was used to keep the body warm and was soft hair covering the body. Now, she’s growing enough fat to regulate her temperature. AND HERE’S WHAT’S BEEN {Read More}

Baby Brown 29 Weeks: Natural or Epidural?

Little late on the weekly update, again, ha! Honestly I kept waiting to get a picture and well, it just didn’t happen. Sorry about that! Somehow this week has flown by and I’m not sure where it went! I won’t be complaining at all, though. Anywayy, here we are, less than 11 weeks to go! HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s as big as an Acorn Squash She weighs about 3 lbs and is {Read More}