Mt. Summit Challenge

On our way to Deep Creek every year, we climb up a mountain, where we were always told to  turn off the AC and open the windows just to make sure we made it. We probably don’t need to nowadays with our cars, as this was more for towing the boat with older cars, but we always do it out of habit. This mountain is 3ish miles, completely uphill, with your ears popping left and right. Once you reach the {Read More}

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Whew, where to even begin! First, thank you all for your comments yesterday! I read every single one of them! I have plenty to share about things before the race (along with my weekend that was quite a fun one!) so they’ll be more to talk about this week, for sure! Today, though, I want to talk about my race in general! Grab a cup of coffee, this is a long one! Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap: I spent Saturday {Read More}

Old Factory Candles + Benson Update

1. I have taken this week off from working out, except my class on Wednesday, and I am actually dying for a really good workout! I took it easy Wednesday,  but thankfully my knee is feeling so much better. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t even notice it! I’m glad I am taking time off from working out, though. I knew my legs needed a break. 2. …Except tomorrow I have a race to run. Yup! Ha The Color {Read More}

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap

Well I have been running and then training for this race for quite some time, and it’s weird that it’s already over. It’s kind of like the holidays- you do so much preparation and get so excited, and then they are over before you know it! Anyway, it’s time to relive it with a recap! (Grab some coffee, it’s a long one!) Don’t I just scream nervous? Haha Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap Expo: This race had 2 locations for {Read More}

Making Tough Decisions

Last year, I ran my 2nd half marathon. I loved the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I loved training, and loved the atmosphere. I loved the cheering, the large crowd support, the bands along the way, and the constant motivation. However, it wasn’t all fun and games. I had plenty of stomach issues that arose while training (thanks Colitis), ruining full days ahead, and acted up during the race even more. Around mile 8, I was in constant pain, and it took {Read More}

Pittsburgh EQT 10 Miler

Just like everyone does before a race, I stared at that forecast like I had any ability to change it.  We had some pretty great weather during the week, but from Saturday to Sunday, the temps dropped significantly. I was ready for the temps (and actually love running in my compression tights!) but was worried about the snow and freezing rain they had predicted. Race day ended up being in the 30s with sun, which made it great once we {Read More}

Halloween with an extra bit of sleep

I bet we are all wishing that one hour of extra sleep was last night instead of Sunday, aren’t we? I know I am, but regardless, it’s always nice to get extra sleep! It made my Sunday start out on a marvelous note. Note to self: it’s not so marvelous at 5:45 when it got dark out! Haha I spent most of the weekend preparing for my race, and doing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol! No worries, though, we still had {Read More}

Race Day Goals

Wahooo! My race is TOMORROW! I am slightly nervous, but pretty excited. I am heading to pick up my packet today, and get everything ready for tomorrow. I do have a Halloween party tonight, but I made sure my costume pants would be compression leggings, and I would get the proper dinner beforehand. Obviously I’m not staying out too late, but the race doesn’t begin until 9, and we have daylight savings time tonight! I’ve spent the past 10 weeks {Read More}