What you do when your weekends are empty+ Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend wasn’t anything too crazy. Honestly, until the little babe appears, we don’t have many plans at all! We left our days and weekends open in case someone little decided to appear, making for both relaxing, and sometimes, boring nights. Here’s a look at our weekend in a few words per picture style. Friday morning walk. Aaron and I got the new iPhones! Woo! Crazy cat likes to {Read More}

Nikki and Sam’s Wedding: Let Love Sparkle

To say I was excited about Nikki’s wedding would be an understatement. Nikki and I became friends freshman year in college, and became roommates our junior year. She lives fairly close to me (same with our other roommates) and we aim to get together often. Her husband proposed over two years ago, so this wedding definitely had a lot of hype built up to it and I knew it would deliver. Not only did Nikki look amazing, she went above {Read More}

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Whew, where to even begin! First, thank you all for your comments yesterday! I read every single one of them! I have plenty to share about things before the race (along with my weekend that was quite a fun one!) so they’ll be more to talk about this week, for sure! Today, though, I want to talk about my race in general! Grab a cup of coffee, this is a long one! Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2015 Recap: I spent Saturday {Read More}

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap

Well I have been running and then training for this race for quite some time, and it’s weird that it’s already over. It’s kind of like the holidays- you do so much preparation and get so excited, and then they are over before you know it! Anyway, it’s time to relive it with a recap! (Grab some coffee, it’s a long one!) Don’t I just scream nervous? Haha Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap Expo: This race had 2 locations for {Read More}

Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party

There are weekends that go too fast, ones that seem longer than others, ones that are packed, and ones that are relaxing. This weekend was the perfect mix of all of those. Last Monday, my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday, and our family got together on Saturday to celebrate. Every family member made it, and she was thrilled to have her family surrounding her. We were all grateful for everything she has done for our family, and couldn’t imagine life {Read More}

Just call me Mrs. Fix It and Push Yourself {Workout}

Hey there, everyone. I hope you had a great weekend, if yours was extended with yesterday off, or just had a great Monday. I wasn’t planning to post about my weekend as not much happened, but then I got on a roll! When I took the summer off, I had a to-do list for myself. It could have included Aaron if he wanted to help me, but I was determined to get things done. Well, the summer ended and I {Read More}

Weekend Snapshots

I managed to take quite a few pictures this weekend, so I thought I’d try something new and just show you pictures with minimal wording! Let’s see if I can keep to it… Best surprise. Day date checking out Costco to see if we liked it. We did! Free samples. Aaron sick, Benny Cuddles. Morning run. Boating Afternoon. Salads and Chicken Enchiladas: Dinner Late night Swing on the deck with my boys. One serving is too small. Glass of wine {Read More}

Found some Food Trucks!

From start to finish, this weekend was truly wonderful. It was full, but not too full where we didn’t enjoy it. Friday: After visiting my cousin and her precious baby, I came home and took a nap. It felt great knowing I didn’t have to wake up for any concrete plans, and having this little bugger sleeping on me was even better. I made a delicious salad for dinner! In the mix was romaine and spinach, sweet potato chips, black {Read More}