Mt. Summit Challenge

On our way to Deep Creek every year, we climb up a mountain, where we were always told to  turn off the AC and open the windows just to make sure we made it. We probably don’t need to nowadays with our cars, as this was more for towing the boat with older cars, but we always do it out of habit. This mountain is 3ish miles, completely uphill, with your ears popping left and right. Once you reach the {Read More}

Upper Body Superset

Let’s talk about yesterday. Yesterday had temps in the 60 degrees and today is going to be warmer.  After Annabelle’s nap, I knew we had to get out. While I was itching for a walk, or let’s be honest, just some fresh air, once we went down the hills and got to the flat street, we started running! Oh gosh, I LOVED it. Annabelle was smiling away, chewing on her toys, looking at me like I was a goof, ha! {Read More}

A Spring Weekend

This weekend was all around perfect. I loved every minute of it! The weather was perfect, too, making it even better. Here’s my weekend in one sentence per picture style! Love starting my Friday mornings with a workout. Sometimes Subway and Sun Chips are the way to go for dinner on a Friday. Oh, and a cup of Diet Coke to go with the above Dessert came in a Cookie Dough Flurry, which I could only eat a few bites {Read More}

An Absolutely Perfect, Low Key Valentine’s Day

If I could choose the best Valentine’s Day  I’ve spent with Aaron, this would be it. The day began with a 6 mile treadmill run, with about 2 miles of pick ups in the middle. I really wasn’t worried about a workout and thought I might get it in later on or Sunday, but I woke up at 7 wide awake. While Aaron snoozed, I took advantage. This week has been some tough treadmill runs- I just want to run outside- {Read More}

Not so lucky on the way back.. and some MIMM

Well folks, I think spring has sprung! We had beautiful weather starting on Friday, which allowed me to spend a lot of time outside, along with getting a few runs in. Since the weather has been so marvelous, it’s time to share what else was marvelous about my weekend! Thanks Katie for hosting it! Hope you are enjoying Chicago *** Friday: I was able to get a pretty decent run in with the warm-er weather. For some reason, though, when {Read More}

Day 1! Adventures all over!

This was my first plane from Pittsburgh to JFK. It was small, and packed, but it made me laugh when they told us to prepare for walking down the steps. I felt like I was the President coming out onto stairs to the ground outside and walking inside! So funny and cool. Ok, so, skittles are pretty much my favorite candy. Once I eat one, I eat them all. I found this sweet egg at Target, and went to open {Read More}

Workout AND a Recipe!

Not only do I have my workout I completed yesterday for you today, but if you follow me on twitter (@fitncookies), you saw that I experimented with Quinoa! I made quinoa mac ‘n cheese, which I thought turned out really well, and wanted to share! ***** First up: Workout I did this workout yesterday on my treadmill. I was sweating with the incline! It felt good to play around with the incline and the speed, and as the speed increased, {Read More}

Strawberry- Banana Smoothie

Ok, so yesterday morning, I failed to wake up to work out. My alarm went off, and I decided against it. In my heart of hearts, I knew I would be sitting all day, and thought it might be better if I saved my run for after school so I could move. Such a brilliant idea, Heather I haven’t had a steady run for a lonnggg time, especially on the treadmill! I changed that yesterday, with a fantastic run! I {Read More}