Fashion Friday

One of the things I missed the most when I was pregnant was regular clothes. I didn’t think I would, but I did. Then, I had Annabelle and leggings and yoga pants were my life. I never minded it, but did enjoy getting dressed up every once in a while! Since it was so rare (now more common since I’m working), I started snapping some photos to share! By no means am I a fashionista, but I do enjoy seeing {Read More}

Beginning my Christmas Shopping + Questions for you!

Hey guys, how are you today? Today has been off to a good start. Little girl only woke up once last night to eat! Woo! I should note that she’s been a little Houdini so she gets herself in a tangled mess at night in her sleep sack. I had to fix her at 2, but she took the binky and went back, and at 6:15 she needed freed again. I think it’s time to get a bigger size! Time {Read More}

Thinking Out Loud 9/10/15

Hey all! Thank you so much for the love yesterday. I’m coming up on the end here, and definitely have more days where I feel yuck so all the comments were much appreciated!  I’m linking up with Amanda today to do some Thinking Out Loud! 1. So many of you loved the dress I wore in the photos yesterday. It’s from Dottie Couture Boutique and isn’t actually a maternity dress! 2. After a nap and some solid plans of starting to {Read More}

My Birthday Weekend

I’m a huge fan of making birthdays as long as possible. In fact, I wish I could have an entire birthday month. It’s nice to have days that are all about you, and to have friends checking in and asking how the day is going. Not to mention going out to eat, and celebrating with friends, or just enjoying time not doing the usual things. My birthday this year fell on a Saturday, which is always a great day. Saturday’s {Read More}

It’s almost Easter

Hi all, and happy Friday! I hope you are either having a relaxing day at work, or you are off today! 1. How is Easter already here? I am shocked, but I am also really excited for a little break. Both Aaron and I have off today, so it’s an extra nice day! I just can’t get over how fast this year is going! Before we know it, it will be summer! 2. Speaking of Easter being so close, I {Read More}

Plant Fusion Winner! and hopefully a warm up..

Happy Friday, folks! I keep thinking about changing that logo, but now let’s be honest. If I made a new one for this season, it would have to include snow, and I’ve seen just about enough of that white stuff. Ugh. 1. I took a CPR class on Tuesday. With Aaron having a heart condition, I definitely wanted to make sure I knew what to do to at least help the situation. I feel much better. The class was offered {Read More}

Relaxing after Christmas Celebrations- MIMM

My weekend has been so much fun. I know I still owe a recap of the day after Christmas, but need to get the pictures for that. Until then, here’s my marvelous weekend that included a whole lot of relaxing. After three busy days of Christmas celebrations, we become a bit very exhausted. It was nothing a little relaxing and downtime couldn’t fix. Aaron went back to work today, so I’m trying to get back into a routine. Here’s hoping {Read More}

Girls Day Out: MIMM

This has been such a terrific weekend; I hope yours was, too! Is everyone done now shopping? I can’t believe how many stores are open 24 hours this holiday season! Craziness…I went to Walmart the other night for basic necessities we were out of, and completely forgot it was holiday season and waited in line for 15 minutes! Linking up with the Diva! Did you catch my posts this weekend? Cake Ball Recipe Sugar Cookie Recipe Friday: My girlfriends came {Read More}