Thanksgiving Survey 2015

Hey everyone. How are you? I won’t lie; I’m on the sleep deprived state. My child has decided she only wants to nap for 45 minutes each time. Can any other mom relate and tell me it goes back to normal with 1 1/2 hour-2 hour naps?! I read something about Wonder Weeks and having one at 5 weeks (which is what this past week was) and that a growth spurt is week 6ish (which is today). Could either of {Read More}

20 Questions Survey

I saw this survey on Becky’s blog and thought it’d be perfect to have ready for after the baby comes! I also am a sucker for survey’s so here we go.. (I wrote this while still pregnant, fyi!) What is your road trip essential snack? Pretzels. I love pretzels. My favorite are Herr’s or Rold Gold. The tiny twist Rold Gold are really my all time favorite, but I haven’t been able to find them lately! You’ve been handed two {Read More}

A-Z Summer Survey

I saw this survey on Becky’s blog last week and thought it’d be fun to do this week since I’m away. Plus, who doesn’t love a survey! Here is some more random information you didn’t think you’d ever want to know about me A – Age: 25 B – Biggest Fear: Oh gosh, lots goes through my head daily with this little babe in me. C – Current Time: 9:30 am D – Drink You Had Last: Water while I {Read More}

Everyone loves a Running Survey

Even though I’m not running right now, I still love it and thought we could do some thinking out loud with this survey Janae posted last week on her blog. 1.  Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail? I’d say a beach path. I love to look at the ocean, and distract myself with the beautiful scenery. I may say Mountains but I haven’t run there like, ever, so it’s not that plausible, haha. {Read More}

Would you Rather Fitness Edition

Would you Rather game is one of my favorites to play. You can choose any topic, and make up lots of questions, some of them complete silly but hilarious. We had a game going at Deep Creek last year, and would create new ones all the time. Yesterday, I was reading Shape Magazine, and there happened to be a “Would You Rather Fitness Edition” quiz with Tracy Anderson. I thought it’d be fun to play a Would You rather fitness {Read More}

I Mustache you some Questions

Surprise! I’m back this afternoon! The lovely Melissa tagged me in this fun survey last week! I love survey’s on other people, so I hope you find something out about me! Four names that people call me (other than my real name!): Feather- this started when I would watch my cousin’s son and he would call me this. Since then, more and more people call me it Heath- oh I hated this name. I finally told everyone they had to {Read More}

Survey Results

Thank you all for taking my surveylast week. I really enjoyed seeing what you want more of! Here’s a bit of what I gathered from it! Here’s a breakdown of the questions. 1. What is your age? 44% of you are 18-25 28% are 26-30 22% are 30-40 6% are over 40 2. How long have you been reading? A few months 38% Less than a year 40% More than a year 16% Since the beginning (THANK YOU!) 6% 3. {Read More}

Reader Survey

I have been writing this blog for over a year now, and each day it brings me joy. Without all of you reading it, Fit ‘n’ Cookies would be no where near what it is, or what it has become. I have loved communicating with you all through comments, and finding new blogs for me to read! With that being said, I want to know more of what YOU want to see. Are there things you want me to write {Read More}