Thinking Out Loud 6/9/16

Well hello there, everyone! How are you today? It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for some thinking! 1. Aaron and I are contemplating going away for our anniversary for a few days, just the two of us. Thinking a long weekend. Anyone have suggestions? Baltimore is near the top of our list, but we’re open to suggestions! If you have them, shoot them my way 2. Yesterday we had an appointment with a pediatric Cardiologist for Annabelle. Quick backstory- {Read More}

Melting Snow, Benson’s favorite spot, and some baby babbling

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope it’s off to a great start! 1. Thank you all for the comments yesterday. I was nervous all day to look at them, ha! I will say, though, that I wrote it in December, and made some changes, but that was about 6 weeks postpartum, so things are definitely different. But (like Danica mentioned) if I never lose the rest of the weight and I’m like this for life, I’m completely ok with it! Annabelle was {Read More}

Thursday Rambles

Hi everyone! I was originally going to have a 20 week Baby Brown update up, but some randoms aka, thinking out loud sounded a bit better, so that’s what you’re getting today! Thanks, Amanda! 1. Let’s talk about how it’s already Thursday! Holy cow this week is going so fast! I am now a full proponent of having off every Monday. 2. Yesterday was our 2nd grade field trip. We took our kids, along with about 300 other schools, to {Read More}