Full Body Tabata Workout

Before I begin, I want to wish a huge Happy Birthday to my husband, Aaron! He’s the kindest, most sincere, best dad there is. I’m so lucky to have him not only as my husband, but as my best friend. Annabelle adores him and it makes my heart so happy to see their relationship. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! I love you! Photo courtesy of Alison Mish Photography. Alright, moving on to a workout! {Read More}

Lower Body Burn

Sometimes, we need a workout that gets the job done, but yet isn’t too time consuming. We know I’m all about that these days, but some short workouts just don’t pack in the punch for me. I want to make sure I’m working hard during those workouts, not hardly working. Last week, I wanted a workout that did just that, but was specifically for legs. I think I’ve done this 4 times already since I made it up last week, {Read More}

Upper Body Superset

Let’s talk about yesterday. Yesterday had temps in the 60 degrees and today is going to be warmer.  After Annabelle’s nap, I knew we had to get out. While I was itching for a walk, or let’s be honest, just some fresh air, once we went down the hills and got to the flat street, we started running! Oh gosh, I LOVED it. Annabelle was smiling away, chewing on her toys, looking at me like I was a goof, ha! {Read More}

Countdown from 100 Workout

The countdown from 100 workout will leave you in a pile of sweat. Make sure you have water nearby for this full body circuit workout. Well hi there everyone! I will admit, after multiple days above freezing, even into the 50s and 60s, waking up to see snow today is just a little miserable. I like snow, but really just for Christmas. After that, the temps can move right on back to the 50s and snow can be a thing {Read More}

Get In, Get Out, Get Moving {Workout}

This get in, get out, get going workout is created so you can target it all and move on with your day. It’s up to you whether you choose to make it a half hour, or an hour!  **************** Well hi everyone! I took a bit of a break yesterday. Truth is, our weekend was more on the challenging side and any free time I had, I basically sat on the couch. Yesterday, though, my old neighbors (basically second family) {Read More}

For Time Workout

Looking for a workout to raise that heart rate but quick at the same time? Today’s workout is just for you! Hey there everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start. We had a fantastic morning yesterday. I managed a 3 mile run and followed it up with the upper body and squat workout. By the end, my legs were ready to be done with squats! They were burning in that awesome, yet totally on fire want {Read More}

End of the Year Roundup: Circuits

Continuing on with my end of the year roundup, today is all about circuits. Circuits are by far my most favorite way to workout. I love the double punch you get from having that heart rate rise, and then tackling some strength, too. I missed these types of workouts the most when pregnant, but jumping with an extra 20 pounds was a bit difficult Here is a roundup of my favorite circuits from the year. I always love finding new {Read More}

Back to Running Workout

Hey guys. I’m back with a workout today! Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working out when I feel like it, and that’s it. If the urge was there, or I felt like I needed it for my sanity, I worked out. If I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t push myself. I’ve run a few times, done a few upper body workouts and gone on some walks. This past Friday, though, I found myself with some extra {Read More}