A Weekend with Friends

Hey guys! I’ve missed you. Last week was crazy on the home front, and flew by before I had a chance to realize it was indeed Friday! This weekend was a great one, though. We went away and it was truly wonderful! Saturday morning we were up at the usual time and around 8:15, we headed out! We packed up the car and were headed to my friend Bri’s House. We became great friends in college (along with Lyndz, who {Read More}

Houston: Part 2

Did you miss the first part? Catch up here! We last left off on Saturday, when the men went to the Final Four games on Saturday. Sunday happened to be my mom’s birthday! She was up early and decided she wanted Annabelle so they hung out for a little while before I went to hang out. Shortly after her morning nap, which was early due to the time change, we met up with everyone for breakfast! We went to Shoonie’s, {Read More}

Houston: Part 1

We arrived home Tuesday night beat from exhaustion but smiles on our face. Though it was a short trip, we had an absolute blast in Houston. Here’s a little background on this trip. My Uncle Jim and Aunt Stacey live there, with my cousins Avery and Ian. They come up for Deep Creek, but very rarely does anyone go there to visit. My Uncle Tim, Uncle Jim, and my dad all put names in for the final four tickets, but {Read More}

The day before vaca: Thinking out Loud

Hey there, everyone! How’s your week going? Mine is going quite quickly, which is fine by me! I have been rushing around all week, so let’s chat today! 1. We leave tomorrow and I’m more nervous than I thought I’d be. I hope I remembered to pack everything. At least my parents are on the same flight down, and then there’s 9 of us coming back on the same flight so we won’t be short on hands! 2. On that note, my packing {Read More}

Deep Creek 2015

It’s only been almost 2 weeks since we got back from vacation, but I’m finally going to start recapping! There honestly isn’t too much to recap besides pictures, so it may be a few posts with pictures, but who doesn’t love those? I surely won’t complain about pictures! A little background: We traveled to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland with my dad’s family. He is one of ten children, and we found out this was the 48th year they have been {Read More}

Baby Brown 23 Weeks: Our Babymoon

Feel free to skip down below for the vacation part of this!  HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: More than 11 inches Weighs over one pound Her lungs are developing She’s starting to hear and recognize voices AND HERE’S WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING WITH ME THIS PAST WEEK: Weight gained: 14 lbs as of my appointment last week. Workouts: Hmm, some strength training and a spin class. We also walked on the beach Saturday and Sunday. {Read More}

The Willis Tower Skydeck

Take in the views of Chicago as you stand over a thousand feet above the ground. Head to The Willis Tower Skydeck for views all around, and a glass ledge to even look below you! It was so fun to chat with you all yesterday, and fill you in on life ! Sounds like everyone has been pretty busy lately, and craving some free time. The Willis Tower Skydeck Today, I wanted to recap part of Chicago! One of my favorite {Read More}

Our One Year Anniversary Photos at the Beach

{Before I begin, I’d like to take a moment and show my sympathy for the terrible actions that occurred 13 years ago. It was truly a terrible day for the country, but today, we need to celebrate the heroes who lost their lives that day.} Over a month ago, Aaron and I celebrated our 1st Wedding anniversary, and it couldn’t have been better. We also had our pictures taken from Matt’s girlfriend, Shelby. She went off to school but left {Read More}