Friday Favorites 3/25/16

Hey guys! Happy Friday! This week seemed to actually go by quickly for me, which was much appreciated! Here are some favorites from the week! Thanks, Heather and Katie! Leaving for a little vacation next week! We are flying and I would LOVE any tips on flying with a baby, or traveling for that matter. We’re going to Houston so they are an hour behind. Do we try to adjust her to that, or keep her on our time frame? {Read More}

Let’s have some coffee and chat

Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee tea. I’m in the mood to chat today. If we were having tea, I’d tell you how I hope fall weather sticks around. I’m not ready for winter, and the past few years have had about a week of fall and then straight winter. I’d tell you that I don’t mind the 70s, or high 60s, as they are perfect days to me. However, I’d also express how sad I {Read More}

Let’s do some Thinking Out Loud: Pittsburgh Pirate Game

Hi guys! I’m coming at ya a bit later today! What better than joining Ms. Spoons for some Thinking Out Loud? 1. It poured on Tuesday, making our decision to go to the Pirate game (Pittsburgh’s baseball team) a bit more difficult. We bought the tickets ahead of time, but they were calling for a lot of rain at the stop of the game. Thankfully, the we had a few drizzles walking in, and a few drizzles another time, {Read More}

When less is more

Let’s get right to it! It’s Friday, finally 1. This week has brought some weird weather with it. We’ve had dry days, major storms with hail, just plain rainy days, sunny days, and windy days! Who knew you could have all of that. I went running yesterday after school because it was a day the sun would be out and it was finally nice. Well, when you are used to 40s and below for months, 87 (!) is a kick {Read More}

5 Things Friday

1. It got up into the high 40s yesterday, and was still 44 after dinner. Finally, we have a break in the cold and snow. It rained, but at least that wasn’t snow. I do like when it snows, but need a bit of a break, lol. 2. My mom and I went to one of those painting places the other night and I had such a fun time! I’m going to talk about the whole experience next week! 3. {Read More}

Birthday, Double Date, and Superbowl: MIMM

After a few less than stellar weekends due to the weather cooping me up inside, this weekend was beyond marvelous. The weather warmed up on Saturday to 49! and Sunday up to 40, but with rain. I had a pretty packed weekend, so let’s jump in! Thanks, Diva, for hosting! Friday: After some grocery shopping and dinner, I headed over to my friend, Jenna’s house to just chill out and relax. We had plans last weekend, but those got tossed {Read More}

Buffalo Chicken Wraps; Chatting over Tea

Let’s talk over some tea, shall we? If we were having tea… I would talk to you about the Olympics. I love the Olympics. I cannot wait for them to come on. However, I’m really having issues with them. I’m upset that they would ever pick a location that doesn’t have snow for the Winter Olympics. I feel bad for the athletes who have to work with those conditions that they aren’t used to. I am also, quite frankly, really {Read More}

9 Years and Come on Snow!

1. Aaron and I celebrated our 9 year dating anniversary on Tuesday! Can you believe it; 9 years! Obviously we aren’t really counting that as anything major anymore, but it’s still fun to realize! How did we celebrate? We went running at the community center together, and laid on the couch. Pretty much a typical night, with nothing extra thrown in! No big deal This would be us years and years ago. I had a hard time finding a better {Read More}