On our two year anniversary

We had such a blast last week on vacation, and I feel like I’m still recovering! I’ve read through all the comments last week, but haven’t had a chance to respond! The weekend has been spent unpacking, grocery shopping, doing laundry, fitting in a workout, and of course, snuggling with Benson who totally missed us. In case you missed them, here are last week’s posts: Baby Brown 28 Weeks Pregnancy Friendly Upper Body Workout How My Workouts Changed in the {Read More}

Nikki and Sam’s Wedding: Let Love Sparkle

To say I was excited about Nikki’s wedding would be an understatement. Nikki and I became friends freshman year in college, and became roommates our junior year. She lives fairly close to me (same with our other roommates) and we aim to get together often. Her husband proposed over two years ago, so this wedding definitely had a lot of hype built up to it and I knew it would deliver. Not only did Nikki look amazing, she went above {Read More}

Five Things Friday 6/26/15: Attempt number 2

Hey everyone! It’s Friday! Yay!! Here’s a little Five Things Friday! Sorry if you already saw some of this last night. I had the wrong date set for the post! Oops! 1. I’m loving this three day work week deal. It’s perfect to keep me busy, but still give me time to get what I need to done, aka THE FOURTH OF JULY IS NEXT WEEK AND I’M NOT READY! I think July 4th came earlier this year, if you {Read More}

Emily and Mike’s Outer Bank Weekend

This weekend was magical. Besides watching one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams, it was a relaxing, much needed, weekend away for Aaron and I. As we have no plans for another trip before our little girl comes along, we took this destination wedding as a way to have a babymoon, too. I’ll recap the babymoon part this week, but for now, it’s all about the wedding. My very handsome date! Emily’s wedding was planned over {Read More}

Five Things Friday with a Giveaway!

I feel like I’ve gotten the days wrong every single day this week! Thankfully, today is Friday and that’s always a day I’m happy to see. Let’s get right to some five things Friday! 1. I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s unreal how much better that made me feel, ha! I was having one of ode low self esteem days on Wednesday, and I figured it was partly due to my ridiculously long and straggly hair. I really like {Read More}

Pens, Ice Cream, and Wedding Album

Hey hey, how are you today? Hope you have a fun weekend planned! 1. The Pen’s are back! Last night was the home opener (and season opener!) Though they play too many games for my liking (as in, it takes up all of my nights ) I love the excitement over them! 2. We ran out of Cookie Butter (the horror!) on Monday, meaning I couldn’t top my oats with them. I decided to stop on Wednesday after class and {Read More}

Sing Sing Piano Bar

Hi again! Yep, I’m checking in again today. I felt like the wedding needed its own post, but I still wanted to share the rest of my weekend. It ended up being quite busy but totally fun! Sing Sing Piano Bar Friday night we celebrated our friend Tom’s birthday with a night at Sing Sing. I had never been, but it’s located in the Waterfront in Pittsburgh. Sing Sing is a dueling piano bar, and has drums and guitars, too. {Read More}

Tim and Brittany’s Burlap Themed Wedding

I’ve known Tim since he was probably 5. My brother and Tim have been best friends since then, and he’s always been a big brother to me. They even roomed together in college, and shared an apartment once they were out. Brittany is in my grade and I’ve been friends with her since we met in high school. Matt and Brittany even became best friends before Britt and Tim got together. To say these two have been in our lives {Read More}