A Day In the Life: Third Trimester

It’s been so long since I’ve done a Day in the Life post. I thought it’d be fun to see how my days are now, even though no two are ever the same! This one happens to be a more laid back, not many plans kind of day! 6:00 look at the clock and decide I’ll wait a minute to get up. Next thing I know it’s 6:15 and the hopes of the elliptical before work are thrown out the {Read More}

A Day in the Life 5/20 + WIAW!

Good morning! It’s been quite a while since I have written a Day in the Life post, so today’s the day! 4:00- Start tossing and turning for whatever reason. Not sure if I fell back asleep. It’s going to be a long day! 5:30 Alarm goes off. Scroll through Facebook not wanting to get up. Finally do and get changed. 5:45 Head to the gym to teach at 6. Bodysculpt, focusing on legs. It was a good one. 7:00 Leave {Read More}

Orange Berry Smoothie {Recipe}

This orange berry smoothie packs antioxidents and a veggie together for an all around delicious meal, or snack between meals. Hi everyone! I’m so excited I finally took time to take some pictures and share today’s recipe with you. I’ve made this smoothie so many times over the past few months, but for whatever reason, kept putting it off! Before I get to that, I want to talk about some other food I’ve been eating the past few days specifically {Read More}

WIAW: Seven Springs Weekend

Hello, hello! It’s been a few weeks since I shared food I have eaten, so I thought today I’d catch you all up on what we ate while at Seven Springs. It’s easy to get wrapped into the mindset that everything you eat has to be completely healthy. I’m here to say that that is definitely not the case in my life, and doesn’t have to be! It’s better to give yourself some freedom than complete deprivation. Ok, enough talking, {Read More}

A Day In The Life 2/10/15

Hello all! It’s Wednesday! I thought I would do another day in the life post. I took some pictures of food, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures of everything. Anyway, I thought this would still be fun. 5:30 Hear Aaron’s alarm. Being that I have been awake tossing and turning since 3 am (who am I!) I decided to stay sleeping. I was kind of awake when Aaron left at 6 and laid in bed until 6:15. 6:15 Roll around {Read More}

WIAW: Chicago Style

Let’s jump right into today’s post! Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW. Be sure to check out her blog for many other food options. Today, I want to share all the delicious food we enjoyed while at Chicago, which I think because the best places to eat in Chicago! The Best Places to Eat in Chicago Thursday: After arriving, we headed right out to Timothy O’ Toole’s bar. I enjoyed a delicious buffalo chicken wrap with a side salad. Mmm! {Read More}

The Remainder of our Christmas 2014: WIAW

I started sharing our Christmas on Monday, and today I’m going to finish. Sorry for the double posts, but with so much packed in, I need to share! I’m also linking up with Jen for some WIAW since we had lots of great food! After a short nap on Christmas day, Aaron and I made our way to my parents. They host Christmas for my mom’s side of the family every year. We had so many great appetizers. This doesn’t {Read More}

A Day In the Life: A Sunday

Happy WIAW, everyone! I thought today I’d switch things around and show what I ate, but also do a day in the life. Everyone loves those posts, so it’s a win! Thanks Jen for hosting! 7:55 alarm goes off and regret our two late nights in a row. Exhausted is an understatement! I get ready for church and eat breakfast. {Eggs with cheese and salsa, toast, and two slices of turkey bacon} Head to church from 9-10:15. Chat with friends {Read More}