Ways to stay active this winter

Before I begin, I never heard from the winner of the last Smarty Pants Vitamin Giveaway. The new winner is Anne Raye-Wittiker. Congrats and please email me by Thursday night at fitncookies (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks! Winter is approaching, or maybe it has begun where you live. We’re still riding the 40s and 50s train, with 60s this weekend! This is the time of year when excuses pop up,though, to get workouts in, like it’s too dark and cold {Read More}

An Unexpected day off

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying warm! I actually had the day off yesterday. They called it off super early Wednesday night due to cold temperatures. I wasn’t very happy about it. I would have rather had today off instead! Now we have to make it up, but oh well. I spent the day with my mom instead which was just fine with me! Here are some 5 things Friday! 1, If you follow me on Instagram, you probably {Read More}

Lorna Jane Challenge, someone comes home, an outdoor run in February, Giveaway winner, and more!

Wow, you guys, I am so thankful it is Friday! I have a pretty spectacular weekend coming up… 8 Things You Should Know 1. Susie and her husband Alex are coming and staying with us! They are coming in for Caitlin’s wedding shower,  but I was more than happy to offer a house for them to stay in so they didn’t have to pay for a hotel! 2. After picking them up at the airport tomorrow, I’ll  be back to {Read More}

The scariest moment of my life

This weekend was supposed to be fantastic. We were taking a trip to visit Bridget (my cousin, but feels like a sister to me) at Ohio University, about 3 1/2 hours west of us. We were leaving around 8:30 to get there around noon. That was the plan…. The day started out great. I woke up and got in a fantastic 4 mile run. We had a great breakfast and were so excited to see Bridget. I packed a little {Read More}

Going a bit stir crazy

I’m just going to be honest here; I’m starting to go stir-crazy. This weekend was more brutal weather with both temps and snow. It ended up snowing for 95% of the day Saturday, trapping us in our house. I had plans to head out with friends- of which I was really looking forward to- and they were canceled. The roads were mostly cleared during the day, but after dark, roads are never fully kept up with. Nevertheless, weekends are always {Read More}

Five Things Friday; Benson is needy

Perhaps this logo is a bit outdated.. 1. The cold has finally left us, and we are getting warmer temps! After days of struggling to just walk outside, it’s nice to have temps reaching the 40s (and 50s this weekend!). 2. Benson loves to lay on the water heater when I work out. It’s pretty much because it’s warm up there, but the second I get off a machine, he pounces down on me. He thinks when I’m on the {Read More}

The Polar Vortex of 2014 and a Workout to Warm You Up

Wow is it cold outside! We are experiencing the coldest temperatures in years, as most of you all are I assume, too! The first school that I sub for called it off today at 12:00 yesterday, and the rest of the districts around closed shortly after. Though I would rather be working right now to make money, I’m all about staying inside and snuggling with my Benny.   I just wish Aaron was home and didn’t have to make the {Read More}

Marvelous Weekend for a Wedding

This weekend was beautiful. We had a snowstorm on Friday, followed by warmer than usual temperature. This marvelous weather was even fantastic because two of our good friends were married on Saturday.  I want to share some of the pictures I snapped because it was definitely the highlight of our weekend (ie: I hung out with my mom Friday night catching up on shows, and Sunday was spent lounging around and dinner at the in laws.. this is more exciting!). {Read More}