Making the Most of Your Workouts

Before I had Annabelle, I worked out 6 days a week and typically an hourish each time. I really didn’t expect things to change on that aspect, but life throws you curveballs (and I was clearly naïve in my thinking.. oops!) I truthfully thought you had to work out for an hour. No way could you see results in workouts that are less than that! If I did a strength workout for 25-30 minutes, you better believe I found something {Read More}

Operation Get Baby Moving Workout

Gosh, I’m so sorry everyone! I accidentally published this yesterday, then switched it to today only to not really schedule it. Pregnancy brain? Haha anywayyy lets have a redo!   Hey hey, how are you guys today? We had quite the gloomy day yesterday, and it appears it’s going to continue through this week. We honestly do need rain so I’m not hating it! Sunday: 20 minute walk Monday: 45 minute walk with my mom and arm workout Tuesday: Rest Day {Read More}

Upper Body with Cardio Circuit

Let’s take a look back at the workouts from last week! Sunday: 30 minute Elliptical Monday: 30 minute treadmill walk and the 3rd trimester upper body workout 4 times through Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical Wednesday: 30 minute stepper Thursday: Rest day Friday: Taught my last class. While it’s sad to not wake up and see those ladies crushing it at the gym, I’m excited for some sleep in time, not that it’s too much time! I’m just hoping to keep {Read More}

Challenge Your Body Full Body Workout

Let’s recap this week’s workouts! Sunday: 30 minute elliptical Monday: None. I worked and then didn’t feel up to it when I got home. Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical Wednesday: Workout below! Thursday: 35 minute walk outside with Aaron. It was a beautiful night! We went up some steep hills, which was a struggle for me, but I made it huffing and puffing the whole way! Friday: Taught Bodysculpting Saturday: Rest day This week included some light cardio and some lifting. {Read More}

Squats, Squats, Squats Workout + Workout Recap 8/3

Helloooo Tuesday! Tuesday’s aren’t especially my favorite day of the week, but what can ya do about it, ya know? I do love sharing workouts with you, though, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do today! First, here’s a recap of my workouts last week. Sunday: 30 minute elliptical before church Monday: 20 minute walk and third trimester upper body workout Tuesday: 30 minute walk around my hilly neighborhood! I went out for the fresh air because it was {Read More}

At Home Upper Body Third Trimester Workout

Hey everyone! Hope you’re week is off to a great start. I promise to start with the vacation recaps later this week. I’m not sure where time has gone since we got back Today, though, I wanted to talk about some workouts and a new one to share with you! Here’s my weekly workout recap! Sunday: 20 minute elliptical and 20 minute walk. After a week of not so much exercising, and then trying to get back and organized on {Read More}

Pregnancy Friendly Upper Body Workout + Workout Recap

Hey guys! I’m enjoying my week on vacation but wanted to pop in and share this awesome pregnancy friendly upper body workout with you! No worries if you aren’t pregnant- it can be done then, too!  Workout Recap for July 12-18 Sunday: Rest Day Monday: 30 minute walk on the treadmill. Complete two prenatal videos on Youtube. Tuesday: Cardio from the 21 day fix. The people I nanny for had it and I was on my own for an hour {Read More}

Full Body Burner + Workouts from last week

I’m going to start recapping workouts from Sunday-Saturday. I can’t remember why exactly I switched to doing Tuesday- Monday, but I view the week from Sunday- Saturday so I’m sure that will be easier! That way I can really keep track of what I get to and what I should add the next week. We’ll start with this and then I’ll share a full body burner for you today! It’s a good one! Workouts for the week of July 5- {Read More}