Tis the Season to work that CORE!

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts working their core for bathing suit season! With that in mind, complete this core workout to tone it up and make those muscles pop! Want to know a way to make Monday even worse? Get 10 yards of mulch delivered. Even knowing it was coming didn’t make that mound look any smaller! Thankfully I married a gem and we work well as a team. When Annabelle napped, I did the weeding, {Read More}

Finding Time to Workout With a Baby is Hard

Finding time to workout with a baby is hard, but still doable. I’m here speaking on the other side of the “just find the time to get it done” mindset, because it’s not always true.  Good morning, everyone! How are you today? Thanks so much for the birthday love yesterday! You know how to make a girl feel special! Today’s post is a topic I’ve had on my mind for a while, and am now getting to posting. Before I had {Read More}

24 Minute at Home High Intensity Workout

A 24 minute high intensity workout perfect for toning your whole body without any equipment. Finding time to work out with a baby can be very challenging. But, Annabelle sometimes lets me work out in front of her. She loves watching the weights go up and down, laughing at me doing burpees, or chasing me around on the back deck as I get in a workout and she walks around. Last Thursday happened to be one of the mornings where {Read More}

Full Body Tabata Workout

Before I begin, I want to wish a huge Happy Birthday to my husband, Aaron! He’s the kindest, most sincere, best dad there is. I’m so lucky to have him not only as my husband, but as my best friend. Annabelle adores him and it makes my heart so happy to see their relationship. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! I love you! Photo courtesy of Alison Mish Photography. Alright, moving on to a workout! {Read More}

Put a little spring in your step full body workout

Well hi there everyone! I’m excited to share today’s workout with you! Lately, since the weather has been nice, I’ve been trying to get outside for at least a walk every day. It’s so good for not only me, but for Annabelle too. We were both going stir crazy cooped up inside! However, I really love pairing walks with a strength workout. So, yes, while I may get out for a walk daily, I aim to at least get a {Read More}

40 Minute Treadmill Run

You know those workouts you think of and in your head they don’t sound too bad? That was this one. I originally had it about 46 minutes, and half way through I was struggling! I haven’t pushed myself in way too long, so I kept going, but cut it down to 40 minutes. You will be sweating, out of breath, and feel amazing when you’re done! Feel free to take this to the bike, elliptical, or even take it down {Read More}

Lower Body Burn

Sometimes, we need a workout that gets the job done, but yet isn’t too time consuming. We know I’m all about that these days, but some short workouts just don’t pack in the punch for me. I want to make sure I’m working hard during those workouts, not hardly working. Last week, I wanted a workout that did just that, but was specifically for legs. I think I’ve done this 4 times already since I made it up last week, {Read More}

Upper Body Superset

Let’s talk about yesterday. Yesterday had temps in the 60 degrees and today is going to be warmer.  After Annabelle’s nap, I knew we had to get out. While I was itching for a walk, or let’s be honest, just some fresh air, once we went down the hills and got to the flat street, we started running! Oh gosh, I LOVED it. Annabelle was smiling away, chewing on her toys, looking at me like I was a goof, ha! {Read More}