Late night parties, workouts lately, and other randomness 4/14/16

Let’s skip the chit chat and get right to a series of randomness. I don’t have the brain capacity to think today. Thanks, Amanda! 1. A had me up for 3 hours Tuesday night. Um, what?! She was sleeping through the night and then this past week there have been a few nights that she’s been up for 1-2 hours and nothing works to get her back! Tuesday night she kept rolling on her belly and back and back and {Read More}

That Time I bruised my ribs

Alternate Title: The time I didn’t work out for 2 weeks and what I learned from it. As anyone who has or had a baby knows, it’s pretty hard to do it all. Enter a sleep deprived state, day 10 of husband being on a work trip with no end in sight, and you have yourself a stressed out mama. Two weeks ago, I did what I’ve done countless times before. I had the tub ready for Annabelle (her baby {Read More}

21 Day Fix Completion

Aaron and I finished up the 21 day fix on Sunday, so now it’s time for a review! In full transparency, we sort of stopped Friday night when we had a rough doctors appointment and night so I made cookies, haha! 21 Day Fix Workout and Meal Plan Update: I thought I’d break it down and review the workouts and the meal plan. I also have results (with pictures) at the bottom! The workouts: The 21 day fix has you {Read More}

Lorna Jane Get Fit Challenge Phase 2 Review

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday. I hope you’re weekend has been fantastic. Ours has been, but more on that tomorrow. Today, I wanted to check in and catch up on this Lorna Jane Challenge I’ve been participating in (you can still join!). I’m on day 49 right now (I started a week late), and things are definitely stepping up. I had mentioned I was worried in phase one because the workouts were just too easy, but phase two has been different. {Read More}

Circuit Workout Roundup

Good morning, everyone! I hope it’s a great day for you all. Let’s take a look back at this week’s workouts. Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt Class Wednesday: 4 mile run outside! Thursday: Run 5 miles. I ended up breaking it up and doing 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It felt good to get it all in, even if it was broken up. Friday: Target It All Workout (see below) Saturday: Ran 4 miles Sunday: Rest Monday: Taught {Read More}

Finally Made the Jump

When I first began blogging, I knew I wanted to share my workouts, and I have consistently been sharing them weekly. Over time, the exercises developed, but I couldn’t seem to always find the exact exercise on YouTube so I could show you how to perform it. I knew I wanted to create my own videos showing each exercise I have posted. Little did I know that I actually have shared 153 different exercises! Can you believe it? I definitely {Read More}

Workouts after vacation

It’s safe to say I came back in full force from vacation. We ate healthy, and I worked out a lot. I felt great all week, too, but knew when to take a rest, also. Here’s my meal plan for this week: Sunday: Cookout at my uncles Monday: Fiesta Chicken Tuesday: Spaghetti Wednesday: Hamburgers Thursday and Friday: Leftovers/eat whatever remains in the house Saturday: Vacation!! We are very fortunate to be heading on vacation with my mom’s side of the {Read More}

No Equipment Vacation Workout + Core on the Go workout!

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a fantastic week! Just because I am on vacation doesn’t mean I’m not working out. Between running in a new area, and having the boat to do water sports, I’m getting my fair share of exercise. However, on rainy days, or some that are chillier, I need something else to do. I came up with a No equipment needed vacation workout to get me through those times! Hope you enjoy! The first one {Read More}