Good thing I didn’t blame Benny: Five Things Friday


Gosh.. my goal for this weekend is to winter-fy this picture! haha 1. There’s nothing better than getting a break from cooking dinner. I came home from teaching class Monday night to taco dinner with asparagus. mmm! It was awesome. We used a Flat Out wrap, topped with taco meat, black beans, salsa, lettuce, plain Greek yogurt, green and red onions, and some cheddar cheese. Honestly, I could eat Mexican every day! 2. Wednesday after teaching I stopped for some {Read More}

The End of Fall


Hi guys. I missed you guys yesterday! But, life happened and when I remembered on Tuesday night I didn’t have a post, no words were flowing so I took a break. So I’m 4 days in and feeling much better with the job situation! The kids are adjusting and we are getting into a routine. I am becoming more familiar with the curriculums and feeling way more organized, which makes this Type A girl feel much better. So, hopefully I {Read More}

The Power of a Workout + Workouts you might have missed


Oh you guys. You sure know how to make a girl blush! I hope that I don’t go absent on my own blog, but I am so far keeping up with reading blogs and hope that once I get things organized at work and get in a groove, I’ll be back to commenting away! Thanks for bearing with me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, head over here to read yesterday’s post! But for now, let’s talk about… {Read More}

Some new happenings


Hi guys; Happy Monday! How are you all today? Did you have a refreshing weekend? My weekend was nothing short of packed. I didn’t even recap my workouts of plan a menu for this week. Here’s what’s been going on… As you know, I am a teacher but due to the lack of teaching jobs in Western PA, I have been subbing for 3 years, with some long term jobs in the mix. Last Wednesday, out of the blue, the {Read More}

I Mustache you some Questions


Surprise! I’m back this afternoon! The lovely Melissa tagged me in this fun survey last week! I love survey’s on other people, so I hope you find something out about me! Four names that people call me (other than my real name!): Feather- this started when I would watch my cousin’s son and he would call me this. Since then, more and more people call me it Heath- oh I hated this name. I finally told everyone they had to {Read More}

Old Factory Candles + Benson Update


1. I have taken this week off from working out, except my class on Wednesday, and I am actually dying for a really good workout! I took it easy Wednesday,  but thankfully my knee is feeling so much better. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t even notice it! I’m glad I am taking time off from working out, though. I knew my legs needed a break. 2. …Except tomorrow I have a race to run. Yup! Ha The Color {Read More}

Why I Work out at Home


Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic Thursday! Why I work out at Home This is a topic I have wanted to talk about for a few months now. It came up over the summer, shortly after starting to teach group fitness classes. Little background- I never worked out and hated track during high school, went to college and fell in love with cardio, running, and lifting. After college, I joined Planet Fitness while I student taught, but once {Read More}

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap


Well I have been running and then training for this race for quite some time, and it’s weird that it’s already over. It’s kind of like the holidays- you do so much preparation and get so excited, and then they are over before you know it! Anyway, it’s time to relive it with a recap! (Grab some coffee, it’s a long one!) Don’t I just scream nervous? Haha Pittsburgh 10 Mile Race Recap Expo: This race had 2 locations for {Read More}