It’s almost Easter


Hi all, and happy Friday! I hope you are either having a relaxing day at work, or you are off today! 1. How is Easter already here? I am shocked, but I am also really excited for a little break. Both Aaron and I have off today, so it’s an extra nice day! I just can’t get over how fast this year is going! Before we know it, it will be summer! 2. Speaking of Easter being so close, I {Read More}

10 Reasons to Love the Treadmill


Oh treadmill, you get such a bad rap. Many people call you the “dreadmill” and I know I was one of them. But you were there for me during the Polar Vortex when I couldn’t think about going outside, and now, I must count the ways I love you.. It is always the same temperature when I am running. I know what I can wear and not sweat to death, or know I can run without people judging my outfits {Read More}

Angel Food Cake Parfait


A light and fluffy dessert; perfect way to end your evening. With Easter just around the bend, I have started to think about what I should bring to our family get together. Appetizers and desserts are everyone’s favorites, and I can’t argue with that.  I would eat appetizers and desserts instead of real meals if that was possible. After just a little bit of thought, I realized we are always lacking on the desserts, so this is prime time to {Read More}

HIIT Workout & Aerobic System and Anaerobic System


When we work out, we use one of two systems. We are either using the aerobic system, which means “with oxygen” or the anaerobic system, which means “without oxygen.” These two systems are used for different workouts. Let’s break it down a bit: Aerobic System: When you are performing low- to moderate intensity exercise, along with almost all daily activities will use this system. This system supplies the energy needed for long durations. You will use this when running for {Read More}

Healthy party options, Blends, and a Pedicure: MIMM


This weekend was great! Of course it was busy,  but I feel like I’ll always say that now that it’s getting nice out. I mean, I do love the nice weather, so I like to stay out in it longer! Let’s recap for this marvelous Monday. Friday: I. did. nothing. haha Now that we have dodgeball Wednesdays and life group (aka friend night) Thursdays, I am wiped out come Friday! I did a workout after school, and went grocery shopping. {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 4/13/14


Sunday: Meatball Subs, Japanese Coleslaw Monday: Tilapia with broccoli Tuesday: Taco Salads Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, broccoli Thursday: Tacos and zucchini Friday: Pasta Saturday: Leftovers/out   Fitness for the week: Sunday: Rest Day Monday: Booty Boom, spent time on the elliptical, and the workout finisher Tuesday: 5 Mile Run and Tone It Up Abs Wednesday: Bootcamp Blast, Yoga, walking on the treadmill, running with run club for kids at work, dodgeball, and a short run with Aaron after {Read More}