Baby Brown 25 weeks: The topic of feeding


I’m not sure how we’re at 25 weeks already. Actually, we’re almost to 26 but I just couldn’t get around to taking a picture, ha! It’s crazy that there are only 15 weeks left! I am so excited to meet our little girl. So without further ado, here’s what’s been going on… HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s about 13 1/2 inches Weighs 1 1/2 pounds She has recognizable hair color, though it may {Read More}

Everyone loves a Running Survey


Even though I’m not running right now, I still love it and thought we could do some thinking out loud with this survey Janae posted last week on her blog. 1.  Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail? I’d say a beach path. I love to look at the ocean, and distract myself with the beautiful scenery. I may say Mountains but I haven’t run there like, ever, so it’s not that plausible, haha. {Read More}

Nikki and Sam’s Wedding: Let Love Sparkle


To say I was excited about Nikki’s wedding would be an understatement. Nikki and I became friends freshman year in college, and became roommates our junior year. She lives fairly close to me (same with our other roommates) and we aim to get together often. Her husband proposed over two years ago, so this wedding definitely had a lot of hype built up to it and I knew it would deliver. Not only did Nikki look amazing, she went above {Read More}

Fourth of July Arm Burner


It’s always fun to take a look back at the previous workouts. I enjoy seeing what I did and if I need to change this coming week’s workouts. Here’s how last week went. Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical Wednesday: Taught Bodysculpt Thursday: Rest day Friday: Taught Bodysculpt. 1:20 hour walk with Emily. I love our walks! The time passes by so quickly and we get to catch up. What’s better than that! Saturday: 30 minute walk on the treadmill; 3 hours {Read More}

A weekend with a baby shower and furniture building


Hey guys. How are you? I feel like it’s been a while! Our weekend was quite productive and tons of fun! I can’t believe it’s all over already. Let’s start with Friday. After my morning class at the gym, we made a quick stop at Starbucks before heading to Costco and IKEA. We ended up purchasing a dresser and a nightstand (impulse buy) at IKEA, which were both assembled this weekend. I napped while Aaron put together the nightstand, and {Read More}

Benson Turns 2!


I hope you are all finishing off an amazing weekend. I’ll be sharing all about ours tomorrow (it was very packed), but today I wanted to share someone’s birthday! Benson turned 2! It’s so crazy to think he was this small at one point. He’s been our favorite boy for two years. There’s nothing like the cat snuggles I get from him, the attention he shows, and my favorite is that he knows when something is wrong and will come {Read More}

Five Things Friday 6/26/15: Attempt number 2


Hey everyone! It’s Friday! Yay!! Here’s a little Five Things Friday! Sorry if you already saw some of this last night. I had the wrong date set for the post! Oops! 1. I’m loving this three day work week deal. It’s perfect to keep me busy, but still give me time to get what I need to done, aka THE FOURTH OF JULY IS NEXT WEEK AND I’M NOT READY! I think July 4th came earlier this year, if you {Read More}

My New Job


I talked last week about how I started a new job, but then I left you hanging. I thought I’d fill you in on it. Yesterday, I talked about how my plan come October is to be a stay at home mom (of course still teaching fitness classes). But until October, I wanted something to do. Besides keeping myself occupied, I wanted to make some money while I still can. We’re very fortunate we can live on Aaron’s salary, but {Read More}