Thanksgiving Survey 2015

Hey everyone. How are you? I won’t lie; I’m on the sleep deprived state. My child has decided she only wants to nap for 45 minutes each time. Can any other mom relate and tell me it goes back to normal with 1 1/2 hour-2 hour naps?! I read something about Wonder Weeks and having one at 5 weeks (which is what this past week was) and that a growth spurt is week 6ish (which is today). Could either of {Read More}

The beginning of Christmas season

Hey guys! I meant to get a post up all day yesterday,  but, plans changed. Annabelle was fighting naps/overtired/fighting food. It was a rough afternoon/evening! But, here we are and back with a recap of the weekend! Friday night we laid low. Aaron’s brother stopped over but we just hung out and ended up going to bed pretty early. It was really nice, actually. I typically try to go to bed early but Aaron actually joined me! Saturday morning we {Read More}

Thursday Thoughts 11/20/15

Happy Thursday! I will admit, I struggled all day yesterday to remember what day it was! I was happy to hear it was Wednesday and now we’re one day closer to the weekend! Let’s do some Thinking Out Loud (thanks Amanda!) 1. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I will admit, it snuck up on me! Last year we already had our outside decorations up and were ready to go. This year… well, we’ve been a bit busy and {Read More}

Annabelle: 1 Month

Somehow, my baby girl turned a month old on Saturday. It seems like time has flown, yet I can’t remember life without her. I can’t remember being pregnant, the rib pain, or labor and delivery. Sadly, I don’t even remember what a full night sleep is Here’s an update on where we’re at at one month! Facts: Weight: 10 lb 15 1/2 oz. She’s a chunky girl! 90 percentile Height: 20 3/4 inches; 25th percentile Head circumference: 37 cm; 75th {Read More}

Back to Running Workout

Hey guys. I’m back with a workout today! Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working out when I feel like it, and that’s it. If the urge was there, or I felt like I needed it for my sanity, I worked out. If I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t push myself. I’ve run a few times, done a few upper body workouts and gone on some walks. This past Friday, though, I found myself with some extra {Read More}

The time we sold our furniture

Hey everyone! Popping in super late on this Monday! Today seemed to fly by and I never made it to my computer! Instead, I went back to bed when she took her early morning nap, worked out during another nap, ran errands and took a walk during another, and we had a doctor appointment for Annabelle tonight. Busy busy day! Anyway, here’s a look at our weekend! When Annabelle took a nap Friday afternoon, Benson and I decided to join. {Read More}

We went out without the baby

For the past month almost, I’ve made it out of the house a lot, but it’s been with the baby. There have been a handful of times I’ve gone out without Annabelle, but Aaron had her. Last week, we decided we both needed to go out on a date without her. Of course we love her but I needed to feel like myself and not worry about if she’s fed, asleep, fussy, needs a diaper change, etc. Unfortunately, last week {Read More}

Annabelle’s Newborn Photos

Good morning, everyone! I wanted to share the newborn photos we had taken three weeks ago. It’s already crazy to look at because she has changed so much! We owe a huge thank you to our friend Amy of Amy Wilson Photography! She is an amazing photographer and if you live in Pittsburgh, I’d be happy to give you her contact info! Here’s a look into some of our photos! Sorry so many. I couldn’t choose! Thanks for sharing in {Read More}