Sirena Taco Joint and Bar

Insanity Class Extreme Fitness 2

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great weekend, complete with a warm day to probably end the summer weather. Sirena Taco Joint and Bar Earlier in the week, I thought how it’d been a little while since Aaron and I went on a date, and we should take advantage of a free night. That’s exactly what we did when we went to Sirena Taco Joint and Bar. It’s a new restaurant that is fairly close to {Read More}

Meals and Fitness: Week 3 training


Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I am off to teach class and then get to Madison’s Baptism! It’ll  be a fun day full of family which I am excited about. Here’s a look at my meals for the week. Sunday: Family party back at Jenn’s after the baptism. Monday: We never got around to making the Chicken Parm in the crockpot last week, so I’m going for it today! Tuesday: Fettucine Alfredo. Again, we ended up {Read More}

Want to run the Pittsburgh 10 Miler with me? + Tea talk


Hi everyone! It’s Friday, wahoo! Honestly, this has felt like the longest week ever. I am not even sure why! I’m just happy today is Friday, so let’s have some tea and chat. …I’d tell you I am excited for a date night tonight with Aaron. It’s been far too long but I am excited to dress up and head out. Speaking about expectations the other day, I made sure to discuss with him what I had in mind. He {Read More}

Reader Survey

I have been writing this blog for over a year now, and each day it brings me joy. Without all of you reading it, Fit ‘n’ Cookies would be no where near what it is, or what it has become. I have loved communicating with you all through comments, and finding new blogs for me to read! With that being said, I want to know more of what YOU want to see. Are there things you want me to write {Read More}

Expectations never lead anywhere good


Expectations. We all have them, but what do they get us? I know for me, they really only lead to disappointments. It’s hard to get out of that mood, too, when you are disappointed over something trivial only you expected. Perhaps the other person had other plans. Perhaps the other person didn’t know what you were thinking and expecting and consequently, ended up hurting you totally by accident. Though I’ve worked on not having any expectations, sometimes they just happen. {Read More}

Raising girls with self confidence + Cardio Sculpt Circuit


The other day I was subbing at a school I love, and team teaching with a teacher I adore. She is the sweetest, and always makes me feel the best. She knows subs work just as hard as teachers, and treats me as a teacher while I’m in that room. While we were out on recess duty, we got to talking about her two girls. One of them is in 5th grade and we started chatting about how she’s “nerdy” {Read More}