Gotta Stay Warm At home No Equipment Workout


An at home, no equipment workout; perfect for days when you may be too snowed in to leave the house! Oops, scheduled this for tonight! Hate when that happens Hello! I hope my friends in the northeast are staying warm and safe with all the snow coming your way! I can’t wait to see all the pictures throughout the day on Instagram (follow me!) I am sharing a great workout for all of you who may be trapped inside from {Read More}

A sentence a picture: Weekend Recap


Hi everyone! This weekend was beyond productive. I discussed it on Friday, but I had thoughts of painting our room, and baking lots. I am happy to say I finished both, but it currently has left me exhausted! I am finally sitting down (it’s Sunday night when I’m writing this) after being on my feet painting since 9 am. Let’s back up and share a sentence per picture. No girl’s night is complete without wine. Woke up to a winter {Read More}

Tricking myself on the treadmill


Good morning, everyone! Today was a bright and early kind of day. I was up at 4:10 (!) so needless to say, a nap will be in order this afternoon! It’s Friday, though, so there is nothing to complain about! Since I was up so early, I had a great 5 mile run on the treadmill. I like to trick myself on the treadmill. When Aaron finished the other day, I made him put the incline up. Since it’s so {Read More}

Thinking Out Loud: Lots of baking on the agenda


Happy Thursday, everyone. I have a lot of random thoughts in my head, which happens to be perfect for some Thinking Out Loud. Thanks, Amanda! 1. This week is dragging. We had in service Monday and Tuesday and now I feel like this week has been going on for 3 weeks! I’m ready for the weekend. 2. I woke up yesterday to a bruise like pain on the top of my foot. I realized I could hardly walk in shoes, {Read More}

My 2015 Goals


Resolutions have been a large topic in the blog front. Heck, they are all over right about now. Some people might have already quit some, or some people (Ahem, me) might only be starting their 2015 goals. I blame the end of the year arriving much to fast, couple with a trip to Chicago during New Years, as the reason I didn’t even start thinking about what I want to work on this year. I’ve had these in place for {Read More}

Abs on Fire Workout


While watching a movie with Aaron last week, I started to get antsy. I basically get antsy anytime I am watching a movie. Something about the length of them combined with staying seated for that long of a time makes me go crazy. About half way through the movie, I needed to get up and move. What began as some light stretching ended up being an ab circuit. It was the perfect ab circuit to do while still paying attention {Read More}

Atria’s Date Night: Weekend Update


Good morning! I hope everyone is feeling well rest from a great weekend! Friday night, Aaron and I decided we were going to go on a date. We decided on Atria’s, thanks to a gift card I’ve only been to Atria’s once, and that was for a bridal shower a few months ago. We both decided we would start with the crab bisque after hearing great things about it. The soup was rich and creamy, and tasted delicious. Next up {Read More}

Meal Plan 1/18/2015


Hello, friends! I’m just popping in quickly to share my meal plan for the week. I’m slowly but surely getting my act together and have some time to chat. Today’s a bit more of a lazy day. It’s raining outside, making it the perfect day to cuddle up and relax on the couch. That is, in fact, what I’m about to go do! One of these days, I’ll get the recipe for sweet potato nachos up! I promise! Easy Chicken {Read More}