Donation Friday: Five Things Friday


Hey guys! I’m so glad you all loved the recipe yesterday! Since it’s Friday, it’s time for… I need to make a new logo, and need to make it before it turns into Spring again! haha That’s totally what happened last year! 1. I’m excited for a pretty chill weekend! I believe my mom’s coming over tonight, I am heading to my cousins to visit Madison Saturday, and heading to my parents on Sunday! 2. I can’t believe it’s almost {Read More}

Pumpkin Dip: Easy addition to your next party


A delicious treat to take to your next gathering. This pumpkin dip is easy enough to whip together before, and delicious enough to have everyone coming back for more. Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t understand the pumpkin phase. Every year, people would count down to PSL (that’s pumpkin spiced lattes, in case you didn’t know like me until this year, ha. Glad we caught up) and break it out at the first sight of fall. Don’t worry, {Read More}

What I eat when I am not working


A few weeks ago, I shared a day in the life post of what I do while I am working. It includes pretty set meals, and I make sure to eat them. However, there are days, like yesterday, that I am home and it actually becomes harder to eat. Here’s a look at yesterday! 7:30: Rolled out of bed and decided that it wasn’t raining so I should go for my run. Had a Clif Shot Blok on my way {Read More}

Strength and Cardio Tabata Workout


Hi everyone! Since I missed my usual Sunday training recap due to fixing up my blog, I wanted to share it today. Sunday: 3 mile run. Easy run on the treadmill at a slower pace just shaking out my legs. Monday: Bodysculpt. I focused on the full body again by breaking it up into different body parts and working them all out. Tuesday: 6 mile run. Oh man, this one was rough. Fall weather disappeared and it was 82 degrees {Read More}

Weekend in Snapshots


And just like that, another weekend is over. Ours ended up being quite busy, but I’ll spare you all the details. Instead, I’ll give you the picture highlights! Pictures from the weekend:     New hair cut! About 3.5 inches off. Feels great! All shopping done. Oreos, cat snuggles, couch, and Modern Family. Missing picture but Saturday we went to a fall party at a coworker of Aaron’s house. Tons of fun, no pictures. We then had game night with {Read More}

Benson does yoga with me


Good morning! We made it to FRIDAY! Woo! Felt like such a long week to me, but moving on. 1. Wow. Thank you all for your response to my post yesterday. Even though I knew it happens to everyone, it was so reassuring to read your comments. You are all the best! 2. I am not sure what happened but up until Wednesday I didn’t have any spam comments, and all of a sudden yesterday I just kept getting them. {Read More}

Sometimes, it’s hard


Sometimes, life is hard, and that’s okay. It can look like it’s a piece of cake through the computer screen, but you don’t know the whole story. Life throws things at you all the time. Some days dishes don’t get done. Some days, blog posts aren’t done until that night. Many days, the laundry stays piled up. Food gets forgotten at the grocery store. Lunches are thrown together. Weekends are packed. The house isn’t cleaned every single day. We come {Read More}

Apple Picking at Simmons Farm


In an effort to slow autumn down (if that’s even possible), I made a bucket list to really take in and enjoy the season. I never used to say fall was one of my favorite seasons, but over the past few years, it has definitely gotten up there. Let’s ignore our 81 degree weather yesterday.. so not fall like! A few weeks ago I created a fall bucket list so I could enjoy the season and all it has to {Read More}