Hospital Nurse’s Baskets

When you talk to anyone who has had a baby, I’m sure you have heard how amazing the nurse’s were. You could even ask how the doctor was during delivery, and I’m sure you’d hear that they only came in when it was time to push. This isn’t to speak badly of the doctors- they are doing their job and have for the 9 months they’ve been monitoring you! However, this is to say that the nurse’s are incredible in {Read More}

Baby Brown 38 Weeks: Hospital Bag

Whew, how’d we make it to 38 weeks? I won’t lie- I kind of thought she’d be here early. There’s still time, but I’m not sure if she’ll come early or not anymore. I had my 38 week appointment on Monday and everything looks good. Lost a pound or two, but that’s common at this point. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so who knows what that really means, haha. You can go into labor and be further {Read More}

Operation Get Baby Moving Workout

Gosh, I’m so sorry everyone! I accidentally published this yesterday, then switched it to today only to not really schedule it. Pregnancy brain? Haha anywayyy lets have a redo!   Hey hey, how are you guys today? We had quite the gloomy day yesterday, and it appears it’s going to continue through this week. We honestly do need rain so I’m not hating it! Sunday: 20 minute walk Monday: 45 minute walk with my mom and arm workout Tuesday: Rest Day {Read More}

Ready to Go Crockpot Freezer Meals

Good morning! Did you have a great weekend? I hope so! I mentioned on Friday how my mom and I were going to make lots of crockpot freezer meals for when baby girl decides to come, and so many of you wanted to know which ones we were making! I can’t comment on their taste, as I haven’t had any yet, but I do have 19 meals in the freezer to make, and two more that I haven’t made yet. {Read More}

Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Good morning! I don’t usually pop in on the weekends anymore, but I wanted to share a story with you and bring it to your awareness. Last week, a reader, Heather, wrote to me asking me to share a bit about Mesothelioma. Today happens to be Mesothelioma awareness day, and she is approaching her 10th year as a survivor of this rare cancer. I didn’t even know, but Mesothelioma is caused by Asbestos! It’s so scary because that’s something you {Read More}

Starbucks, a Fast Week, and Crockpot Meal cooking

Sorry about the late post! Yesterday was just one of those days. I came home from work completely exhausted, and thus, miserable, since I was up so early (and couldn’t get back to sleep). Thankfully, a good night sleep last night was just what I needed! 1. This week went by surprisingly fast! I’m not complaining. I love when the weeks go by quickly these days. Just means we’re closer to meeting our little one! 2. The weather has been {Read More}

Baby Brown 37 weeks: Baby Classes

Woo another week down! We’re one week closer to meeting our little girl, and I just can’t wait! I feel like I’ve truly been pregnant forever, and feel like it’s never ending! Here’s a look at this past week! HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s the size of a winter melon, somewhere between 19-22 inches, weighing between 6-7 lbs. Her lungs are mature, but she’s still growing. I’m {technically} full term. She’s gaining about half a {Read More}

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy + Giveaway

Prior to getting pregnant, I tried to stay my healthiest, but if I got sick, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Once I became pregnant, knowing there weren’t many medications I could take if I did get sick, I made sure I was doing everything I could to stay healthy. They definitely weren’t anything major, but little things I knew that could help my body prepare for this little one. 1. Stay active Whether this is running, teaching fitness classes, {Read More}