So I turned 25


…and nothing happened, ha. I’m not sure if I was ready for some crazy realization or something to happen, but it didn’t. It’s been almost a week, so I guess I could talk about my birthday now My birthday was this past Sunday, and leading up to it, I was asked what I wanted to do. I replied nothing many times. I really just didn’t want anything big. Our party was the night before, I was exhausted, my stress needed {Read More}

Baby Brown 19 Weeks: First Baby Purchases


HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s 6 inches long and about half a pound. She’s as big as a large tomato Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch It’s a girl! AND HERE’S WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING WITH ME THIS PAST WEEK: Weight gained: I’m honestly not sure. The doctor doesn’t tell me and when I step on their scale, it’s way higher than the one at my gym. {Read More}

A Day in the Life 5/20 + WIAW!


Good morning! It’s been quite a while since I have written a Day in the Life post, so today’s the day! 4:00- Start tossing and turning for whatever reason. Not sure if I fell back asleep. It’s going to be a long day! 5:30 Alarm goes off. Scroll through Facebook not wanting to get up. Finally do and get changed. 5:45 Head to the gym to teach at 6. Bodysculpt, focusing on legs. It was a good one. 7:00 Leave {Read More}

30 Minute Full Body Workout + Weekly Workouts


Hey guys! Thanks for all the excitement on Baby girl! We’re over the moon excited and I’ve already spent tons of time checking out girly ideas! We’ll save that chat for another day. Today, let’s talk fitness. I plan to do a post soon on how fitness has changed, but for now, I’m sharing one I’ve done a few times, and incorporated into my workout classes, too! It is time based, which forces the muscles to work a little harder. {Read More}

Tutus or Ties Gender Reveal Party


This weekend was all around fantastic. I truly couldn’t have asked for more love and support from everyone around us! I’ll recap my birthday later this week, but today I wanted to talk about the Tutus or Ties Gender Reveal Party we had on Saturday. In case you missed our announcement yesterday, we are thrilled to welcome a baby GIRL in October! Gear up, I have lots of photos to share, along with some chiming in from me! My parents {Read More}

Baby Brown is A….


We could not be more excited, and shocked, to say.. that Baby Brown is a Girl!!!! We are so excited to welcome a baby girl in October! I’ll be back tomorrow with more details from the party. Right now, I’m going to enjoy a breakfast cooked by the husband followed by a lazy day for my birthday! I turn 25 today!

My First Spinning Class + Baby Brown Ultrasound


So, I did it. I took my first spinning class yesterday. Well, I guess it was technically my second since I took one in college, but that was so long ago I’m not even counting it. I had NO idea what to expect other than loud music and a dark room. I arrived right on time. I was aiming for a few minutes early, but let’s be real, it was 6 am. Class didn’t start right at 6, but they {Read More}

Thinking Out Loud 5/14/15


Hi Friends! How are you today? I thought it would be a fun day to do some Thinking Out Loud with Amanda! 1. I feel like this week is flying by, and I can’t say I hate it! I’m very eager for the weekend. I took a personal half day off tomorrow to get some things ready and not be stressed Not only do we have our gender reveal party on Saturday, but my birthday is Sunday! I’ve honestly forgotten {Read More}