Putting down my phone and picking up a book


Good morning! We made it to Friday. I actually worked this week (more on that below) so I’m more than ready for the weekend! 1. Schools began Monday, which pretty much makes me think summer is ending. However, summer weather only arrived this week, making working in non air-conditioned buildings unbearably hot, and stinky! ha I have to say I’m not used to getting up and moving so fast yet, but I’ll get there. I was hoping to get up {Read More}

How to help legs recover {Giveaway}


When I started picking up my teaching classes, and adding in a lot more Plyometrics, my legs weren’t really having it. My legs felt like lead during my runs, and my shin splints returned. What began in high school during track have never left me, making jumping hurt a bit more on the days following. Between shin splints, teaching, and running, my legs are toast by the end of the week (I secretly love it; I’m a weirdo.) It all {Read More}

What do I really eat in a day


I make it a point to be real and tell you I believe in eating in moderation. I believe you can eat what you want and be okay with it. I don’t think food should be off limits. But then I got thinking, and realized that I don’t share my food choices too often, or even a complete day of food with you all. When I first started this blog, I had full intentions to share my food, but I {Read More}

10-15-20 Circuit {New Workout!}


Hi guys. So glad you liked seeing pictures from our weekend and minimal wording! It was fun to keep it to the important key words. I spent a lot of time yesterday dealing with cars: specifically getting new tires and an alignment, obviously not at the same place. Whew, talk about a long and boring time (not to mention an expensive day)! ha The rest of the day made up for it, though. I taught a class with awesome people, {Read More}

Weekend Snapshots


I managed to take quite a few pictures this weekend, so I thought I’d try something new and just show you pictures with minimal wording! Let’s see if I can keep to it… Best surprise. Day date checking out Costco to see if we liked it. We did! Free samples. Aaron sick, Benny Cuddles. Morning run. Boating Afternoon. Salads and Chicken Enchiladas: Dinner Late night Swing on the deck with my boys. One serving is too small. Glass of wine {Read More}

Meals and Fitness 8/24/14


Well hey there. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I’m filling my day with some church, teaching a class, gearing up for the week, and making some snacks for Aaron and his friends for their Fantasy Football Draft tonight. Sunday: Chicken and sweet potato fries. Monday: Breakfast for dinner Tuesday: Life Group Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Casserole Thursday: Dinner at my parents Friday: Out for Shelby’s Birthday Saturday: Dinner with friends Sunday: Insane Cardio Monday: Taught BodySculpt. Oh my word, {Read More}