Work It All 30 Minute Full Body Workout


You guys, yesterday was a day. I had grand plans to finish some returns, look for a storage option under our TV, and enjoy a slower day popping into stores here and there. What I didn’t expect was to not find the receipt for such returns which was a huge disappointment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has bought more than they wanted “just in case” with grand plans to return what doesn’t work. Well, that was my {Read More}

Date Night to the Cheesecake Factory


Good morning, everyone! Hope you’re had a wonderful weekend. I definitely took advantage of all the time, and knocked quite a bunch off my to do list. Before our little one appears, I’m trying to make it a point to get out with Aaron more for some dates. We had planned to go out to dinner for weeks, but we end up always going to the boat, which I don’t hate. But, it’s still not what I really wanted. Earlier {Read More}

Friday Favorites 8/28


I thought it’d be fun to share some Friday Favorites with you all today! Linking up with Heather and Katie. A New Family Room TV Our TV works just fine, but Aaron has had this new idea of a flat screen mounted on the wall to free up space for some time. I was just blowing it off but he works so hard for our family and never treats himself. It was on sale this week and I told him {Read More}

Baby Brown 33 Weeks: Nerves setting in


Somehow we only have 7 weeks to go! I had my 33 week appointment on Monday and everything looks good. I’ve gained 3 pounds since my appt. 3 weeks ago which they said was great. Everything was looking good, though the Dr. I saw was new to the area and couldn’t answer a lot of my questions with certainty, which frustrated me a bit, but she was still nice. I’ve met with all the doctors in the practice and feel {Read More}

My Changing Passion


In 2008, I left home to head off to Slippery Rock University, studying Elementary Education/Special Education. These were dreams of mine since I was a little girl. I remember asking for chalkboards and whiteboards for holidays, “teaching” to my stuffed animals, and having the best time. I soaked everything in in school, taking any extra papers home to pretend to teach a lesson on, buying grade books and more. This passion never left. I was more than excited to go {Read More}

Mad Mex IPA Jam


We’ve honestly been having such a great August weather wise. With how crappy June and the beginning of July were with rain, I didn’t think we’d ever use our boat! The temps have stayed warm, and that means we get out on the boat every chance we can! Our mornings and nights may be cooler, but the daytime has still been plenty hot! We took that opportunity on Friday and took Emily and Mike on the boat. After babysitting all {Read More}

Baby Brown: 32 Weeks


HERE’S WHAT ELSE BABY BROWN HAS BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK: She’s the size of a head of lettuce She weighs about 3.75 lbs and is about 19 inches long, give or take where you find information, haha She’s honing the skills she needs to thrive outside the womb, from swollowing and breathing to kicking and sucking. She has been sucking her thumb for a while now. She’s becoming more opaque and less transparent as she’s gained more fat. AND {Read More}

My Little Sunshine Baby Shower


This past Saturday, little Annabelle was showered with so much love. I couldn’t have dreamed about a better shower, and I am honestly so impressed with all my mom did. I mean, I never doubted her, but she worked her butt off. I remember when she started planning (aka like the day after I told her I was pregnant!) and I didn’t think the day would ever come! She knew what she was doing and planned it all out to {Read More}