Lorna Jane Get Fit Challenge Phase 2 Review


Hi everyone! Happy Sunday. I hope you’re weekend has been fantastic. Ours has been, but more on that tomorrow. Today, I wanted to check in and catch up on this Lorna Jane Challenge I’ve been participating in (you can still join!). I’m on day 49 right now (I started a week late), and things are definitely stepping up. I had mentioned I was worried in phase one because the workouts were just too easy, but phase two has been different. {Read More}

Orange Berry Smoothie {Recipe}


This orange berry smoothie packs antioxidents and a veggie together for an all around delicious meal, or snack between meals. Hi everyone! I’m so excited I finally took time to take some pictures and share today’s recipe with you. I’ve made this smoothie so many times over the past few months, but for whatever reason, kept putting it off! Before I get to that, I want to talk about some other food I’ve been eating the past few days specifically {Read More}

20 Minute Strength Tabata Workout


You guys, I’m typing this up and it’s snowing outside. SNOWING! What! It’s spring and I’m over it. Instead of complaining, let’s talk about sweat, aka, my workouts last week Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt Ended up switching up my entire workout schedule last week and did my 4 miles on my schedule. Wednesday: Did the workout  below Check it out, it’s a great one! Thursday: Ran 5 miles. Ugh, on the treadmill. However! I woke up early and got it in {Read More}

Painting with a Twist: Girl’s Day Out


Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ve had quite a busy weekend! It started on Thursday night (hence no post Friday, but no big deal!). Here’s a recap with an attempt at minimal words, haha! Thursday night we had dinner at my parents to pack everything up to move Matt into his new apartment. I did more relaxing Friday after work I went straight to help Matt move in. Friends came out later, so of course we {Read More}

Getting out of a food rut


You guys… I’ve been in a bit of a rut. A food rut. Not much food sounds appealing, especially healthy food. I feel like I’ve been eating tons of carbs, with less and less veggies every day (though for the record, I had a smoothie with spinach yesterday and a salad for dinner. #winning!). I think it’s this winter season that keeps dragging on. It makes me want to hibernate and, well, eat carbs. I haven’t been posting my meal {Read More}

7 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


The Pittsburgh Marathon weekend is going to be here before I know it! It is only 7 short weeks away, so naturally, I should probably start to train. I did want to share with you all my 7 week half marathon training plan. Of course, this is what works for me. I have been running between 2-3 times a week for months. I trained for the 10 mile race back in November, and kept up my mileage. I have noticed {Read More}

Upper Body Workout Roundup


Hi guys. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wishing you all some good luck We aren’t doing anything to celebrate, and probably won’t be even eating anything green! Oh well. Win some, lose some, haha. If I was on top of it, I totally would have had green pancakes! I hope you’re week is off to a great start. Today I wanted to share my workouts, and then share an upper body workout roundup! I’ve posted some great ones over the years, {Read More}

A new nephew, a baby shower, and an all around great weekend!


Hey guys! How is everyone today? I am relishing with the sun shining in my window right now! It’s been a dismal weekend of rain and clouds, but the sun popped out yesterday afternoon so I enjoyed it! My weekend went way too fast, but was full of lots of fun things! Here’s a sentence per picture recap. Benson thought life was better on my lap. Amazing- go get yourself some. We have running water and a working sink now! {Read More}